Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall – Your Blog as a Mirror

When I read todays “Daily Prompt” I started to think. The idea of your blog as a mirror of yourself is really interesting. I think we all reveal more of ourselves through our posts than we are aware of.
If you read between the lines you can always figure out a lot about a writer. A good author projects feelings through his pieces of writing, some of them are intended and some aren’t. By reflecting and writing on a certain subject you subconsciously you let your personal feelings slip in, you can’t prevent it.

Let’s come to the analysis of my blog:
What does it reveal about me?

First of all, the title: “Useless Talent #666”
It tells you several things about me, for example that I’m a movie fan. In “Planet Terror” the girls talk about their useless talents but almost at the end one of them says that there comes a point in life when you will find a use for all of you “useless” talents. Furthermore, it shows that I like things that are a little bit unusual and not too obvious for everyone. I enjoy speaking in references and quotes, an instant way to find out if someone is on the wavelength as you.

The next thing on the list is the theme I chose:
Well, I tried out most of the free themes here on WordPress and as most of them can hardly be modified I decided for this one. It’s the only one with a nice structures and colors that don’t make me wanna throw up. But after some time I started to like it a lot. The diary-ish look matches with the few posts I write that aren’t reviews but posts about my thoughts on life. I often write to reflect on a certain subject, to get my thoughts in order, do deal with it. Therefore a theme that looks like a diary is a great match. Continue reading