Book vs. Movie: Maze Runner – The Death Cure

Hey guys!
It’s time for a quick book vs. movie post on the final part of the Maze Runner series. So let’s talk about The Death Cure…


The Plot:
As there are quite a view differences in the book and movie version respectively, I’ll keep it a bit general. Thomas and the other survivors prepare for their final battle to take down WCKD. Will they succeed? What about the cure? And which part will Theresa play in all this?


Book vs. Movie:
First things first, so let’s begin with the novel. The Scorch Trials had been a rather huge letdown, so by the time I picked up The Death Cure I just wanted to get it over with.
Author James Dashner has a few rather interesting ideas that could be seen as hint about how we live our lives and how we treat the world. However, the way he carries the ideas out it just doesn’t work. Most of the impact his thoughts could have had are lost in a weak presentation and at times it seemed like even he didn’t know what to make of it. It felt like even Dashner just wanted it to be over and didn’t have much of a clue how to come up with an interesting storyline that makes sense.
Just like the food for food moments, the novel also fails to convey the heartbreaker moments properly. Some scenes could be touching but ultimately you never get pulled in enough to care about any of it.
Moreover, most of the plot twist weren’t to surprising and the ultimate twist concerning the ending was outright annoying and uninspired.
Moving  on to the film, I have some more positive feelings here. Continue reading