Movie Mania: The Conjuring

Hey guys! It’s October, the month of Halloween. The only way to kick it off is by checking out some horror movies. So let’s take a look at The Conjuring!
The Plot: The Perron family movies into a new home. However, their happiness is only shortlived. Some entity starts haunting and hurting them. Will the demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren be able to save the Perrons?
The Rating: I’ve seen my fair share of horror movies. And as far as the whole haunted house stuff goes, The Conjuring isn’t too bad. It’s certainly not the most frigthening or innovative film out there but it pretty decent. I really liked Vera Farmiga’s performance as Lorraine and also the actresses who played the kids did extremely well. The film features a nice amount of creep and you will jump several times. To be honest, I hadn’t expected it to be this good. Continue reading