TV Show Spotlight: 2 Broke Girls

Hello folks!
Today I have one of my current comedy favourites for you: 2 Broke Girls. It’s been running for 6 six seasons so far and there is no end in sight!


What is it about?
Caroline Channing’s life is shattered. She grew up as the daughter of a billionaire but now her father is in jail, all the money is gone and she is stranded and basically homeless. However, things turn around when she meets Max, a tough girl working at a diner. Soon the two very different women share the same dream: Opening up their own Cupcake business. Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: Ash vs. Evil Dead

Hey guys!
I’ve already mentioned this show before but so far neglected to give it a proper introduction. So let me present to you: Ash vs. Evil Dead, a comedy horror show developed by Sam Raimi and based on his homonymous movie series!


What is it about?
Our good old friend Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) is living a pretty decent life when all of sudden (because he did something stupid) the Evil Dead show up again, more 30 years after their last encounter. Well, as we all know, Ash is just THE man to stop them…

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My 5 Favourite TV Shows When I Was Little

Hey Guys!
It’s time for another good list. I want to head down memory lane and reminisce about my most beloved childhood TV shows!


# 1 – Sailor Moon:
I watched this one almost religiously. I sang along, I danced I even had some plastic thing I kept waving around like Sailor Moon.
Back in the day the entire afternoon programme consists of anime shows and I loved all of them. But Sailor Moon is most definitely my favourite. A few years ago, they showed a re-run. I was glued to the screen!


#2 – Moomins:
Is they show even known outside of Europe? It’s not even that famous in Austria. The Moomins are actually book characters invented by a Finnish writer. To be honest, I’ve never read a single one of those books, but the show was always one my favourites. They characters are so different, it’s a little weird and especially the setting is so unlike everything. A really magical show!

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TV Show Spotlight: Mr. Robot

Hey guys!
Today I have a really impressed TV show for you. Even if you are not too much into computers, this series will certainly blow you away!


What is it about?
Elliot Alderson is a brilliant young man who works for a cyber security company and hacks people for fun during his time off. Suffering form social anxiety and clinical depression, he often has trouble getting along with, well, pretty much everyone. However, his life is turned upside down, when Elliot gets recruited by Mr. Robot, the leader of the hacktivist group fsociety… Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Hello hello!
Time for another TV Spotlight! Secret Diary of a Call Girl is based on a blog by Belle du Jour depicting her experiences as high-end call girl in London. The show with Billie Piper in the leading role ran for 4 season!


What is it about?
For 6 years Dr. Brooke Magnanti wrote a blog about her life as prostitute. She remained anonymous until 2009, operating under the pseudonym Belle du Jour.
Billie Piper slips into her role, showing us what it’s like to be a high-end call girl. We follow both her private and work life. Getting to see what happens behind closed doors with her clients but also the struggles in keeping up a regular relationship. Continue reading

Old vs. New: Bewitched

Hey Guys!
Today I have one of my rarer posts for you: old vs. new! Remakes of once popular movies and shows seem to be in fashion, so let’s find out whether it’s a good idea! From an old TV show to a Hollywood blockbuster: Bewitched!


The Plot:
In the original show Darrin and Samantha get married. However, soon after he gets the shock of a life time: Samantha is a real with. And she comes with an annoying witch-mother who isn’t too fond of regular humans…
For the movie we get an interesting take: They want to shoot a reboot of the show and accidentally cast a real witch for Samanthas part…


Old vs. New:
The DVD of the movie originally found its way into my home because it featured three episode of the old TV show and I was dying to finally check that one out.

I have to say that I only know a couple of episodes, not all 254. But those I watched are absolutely adorable. The original Samantha is charming and lovely. It has that perfect 60s vibe and style I really fancy. Some of the jokes may be a little old-fashioned but are still funny. I imagine quite a lot of effort was needed back in the day to make the magic look halfway decent. So extra points for that!

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