Movie Mania: Brothers of the Wind

The movie I want to talk about today is actually the most recent film I saw in theaters. Although it’s not exactly the kind I would choose to go and watch, a friend of mine was dying to check it out.
So along I went…


The Plot:
Lukas and his father live up in the mountains, a wonderful place with green grass, picturesque views and many wild animals.
But this idyll was shattered when Lukas’ mother died in a fire. Ever since that day he hasn’t said a word and his father seems more and more resentful.
Lukas’ life is about to change when he stumbles upon an eagle who was kicked out of the not by his brother. The boy decides to take care of the bird… Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Dark Valley

Austria’s entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar is a western movie set in the Alps. Famous British actor Sam Riley has the lead accompanied by the well-known Austrian actor Tobias Moretti.


The Plot:

A stranger named Greider arrives in a rather isolated settlement somewhere in the mountains. Continue reading