Doctor Strange

Hey, guys!
We’re already getting close to the end of the MCU review marathon. However, before Endgame, Marvel has a new superhero to introduce. Let’s meet Dr. Strange…

The Plot:

The vain neurosurgeon Stephen Strange’s life is in pieces. Following a car accident, he suffers from severe injuries in his hands, leaving him unable to operate. Strange is not the kind of man who gives up easily. Grasping at each straw he finds himself in Kathmandu talking to the Ancient One about astral planes and other dimensions…

The Rating:

Benedict Cumberbatch is an amazing actor and I enjoyed his performance as Sherlock thoroughly. Naturally, I was quite excited about this film.

The beginning actually had me intrigued. The accident, his characters struggle, I had hopes up for where this might be going.
However, once he started the whole thing in Kathmandu, the film lost me. The story just wasn’t that gripping anymore and I really couldn’t be bothered to care.

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