Book vs. Movie: Gone Girl

Hello folks!
Today I want to talk about one of the biggest book adaptations of the last years: Gone Girl. Gillian Flynn 2012 best-selling novel was turned into a movie in 2014 by David Fincher starring nothing but Hollywood’s finest actors.


The Plot:
Nick’s life is shattered when his beloved wife Amy vanishes on their fifth wedding anniversary. The cops start investigating and soon it becomes fishy: mopped up blood on the floor, a staged scene of struggle. Was Amy killed? Abducted? And even more important: Who did it? Nick?


The Rating:
This movie was nominated for tons of awards and the novel made it on the New York Times Best Seller list. So I was pretty excited to finally check them out!
Let’s start with the book. It was most definitely a gripping read you can’t put down. The novel consists of diary entries, alternating between Nick and Amy. So we get a pretty thorough insight into their thoughts and see each event from different angles. The crime part seems thought through perfectly and when the big plot-twist somewhere in the middle, your mind is blown. Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Hey guys!
While going through my drafts folder I came across another little gem I completely forgot to tell you about. So todays post is about The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, one of Jodie Foster’s earliest movies. Let’s see whether it’s as good as Taxi Driver!


The Plot:
Thirteen-year-old Rynn moves to the seaside town Wells Harbor with her father. It’s soon turns out that Rynn is no ordinary child and obviously has something to hide. The story intensifies when the landlady’s adult son begins to make sexual advances. Is there a way for Rynn to get out of all this? And where is her father? Continue reading

Book Review: It by Stephen King

Hey Guys!
Today I want to ramble a bit about a very famous novel: It by Stephen King. It took me forever to finish this book and carried it halfway across Europe. But last week I finally read the last chapter of this more than 1200 pages long horror thriller.
You could almost consider this novel a classic, but is it worth checking out?


The Plot:
1958 in Derry, somewhere in Maine: 6 children you could call losers meet each other under very unlikely circumstances and become the best friends anyone could ever wish for. But the summer of their lives is overshadowed by a tragedy, or better said a monster that has been haunting Derry for a long time. Kids disappear or are found dead. Our 6 friends soon get to the core of things and have to deal with more than any kid ever should.
However, almost 30 years later it is time for them to reunite and finish what they started in the summer of 1958… Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Witch

Hello folks!
Today’s movie has been on my list ever since I had seen the trailer. I was super excited but somehow completely forgot about the film after some time. Well, after having a little chat with a friend of mine, I finally set down to finally watch The Witch!


The Plot:
It’s the 17th century somewhere in New England. William and his family are banished from a Puritan plantation and try to build a new life. They settle down at the edge of a rather spooky forest, which soon turns out to be a rather bad idea. After William’s wife has another son, strange things begin to happen: the baby disappears, the twins start talking to a goat… Continue reading

Time to talk about Books: Cold Hands by John Niven

Cold Hands is John Niven’s first attempt on writing a crime story/thriller. It was absolutely not what I expected. If you want to know whether that’s good or bad, read on ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Plot:

The Miller’s a having a great life. somewhere in Canada they own a lovely house, the parents have good jobs and the son is well-behaved. They couldn’t be happier, but when the family dog is found dead it’s just the beginning of the past trying to catch up.


The Rating:

This is the fourth John Niven book I read. When I bought it I didn’t even check what it is about. Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Woman in Black

We all survived Halloween and in the spirit of this I want to write about another horror movie/Thriller. I had seen the trailer for this one a while back in the cinema and already was interested in watching the film. However, I completely forgot about it until it was on TV about a week ago.



The Plot:

The story is set in the Edwardian era. Daniel Radcliff plays a lawyer who gets the order to take care of a house that is to be sold. He travels there in order to go through the paper work. Arriving at the lonely house he begins to see and hear things, most of all a woman dressed in black. As it turns out the woman is not a very friendly character… Continue reading