Grimm – 6 Thoughts for 6 Seasons

Hey guys!
I finally had time to check out Grimm. The final episodes of this show aired in 2017, so I’m only a little late to the party.
This posts also marks a new introduction: I gave youtube reviews a try. The video of me rambling on about Grimm is at the bottom of the post!

#1 Monroe is the ultimate cinnamon roll

Although many noteworthy characters appear in the show, Monroe has been my favorite from the moment he first appeared.
He’s Wesen, a Blutbaden to be specific, that means in addition to his regular human form he can transform into something darker. Although he might seem tough at times, he is the warmest, softest and most adorable character in Grimm. He is smart, super funny and protective about his friends and family. How could you not love him?

#2 So Many Languages

When you read the word Grimm, your first thought might have gone to the famous fairy tales. That’s what the show was inspired by! But it’s not only the Grimm stories the show features, myths from other countries around the world are woven into the show. Honoring that legacy, the show also features a variety of languages (related to a bunch of story-lines that’ll keep you on edge) including German, Russian, French and Spanish. I love that this allows me to work a little on my French and even Spanish without having to try too hard!

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A Sarah J. Maas Rant

Hey, folks!
Those of you who drop by regularly might have noticed that I recently devoured just about anything SJM has ever written. I have a lot of feelings and thoughts to share about that (especially about the TOG series) – not only positive ones.
I’m doing all that in a separate post to avoid spoilers in my reviews. Anyway, let’s get started!

Writing Style:

As much as I love her characters and stories, Sarah J. Maas seriously needs to work on her writing style. The more books I read by her, the more I noticed how much she fancies certain words and phrases. By now, I have an unending hatred for “toes curling in boots”, people “purring”, anybody who “lies through his/her teeth”, etc. It’s not just annoying but it also makes certain things lose their impact. Night Triumphant sounds rather impressive, but when she keeps flaunting the word Triumphant it’s not that big a deal anymore.
There are many others of whom I read multiple works, but SJM is the first one where this really strikes me. It bothered me so much, that I actually considered putting down the books somewhere in the middle of the TOG series. Hadn’t I already been that invested in the story and the characters, I wouldn’t have finished reading.
Along those lines, I have one more observation. Throughout her novels I noticed that she often refers to the female characters as girls, wheres the male ones are always men. I am aware that Aelin or Elide are quite young, but it still annoyed me. Granted, that didn’t occur as often as the other stuff I mentioned but it nevertheless bothers me – especially because her female characters are so badass!

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Blog Challenge: A quote you try to live by

This is my third post for the blog challenge =)

My favourite quote of all time is “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.” by Kurt Cobain.

I like it a lot because being who you are is really important. You’ll never be happy if all you do is try to be someone else and try to please everyone around you. It’s important that you don’t change because of others and that you do what you like no matter if everyone hates you for it.