The Sword in the Stone

Hey guys!
Today I bring you one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. After reading The Guinevere Deception a while ago, I was in the mood for some more Arthurian stuff. My go-to movie on that front is The Sword in the Stone!

The Plot (as found on Rotten Tomatoes):

Another of the fantastic animated creations from the Disney studios, this is the animated version of The Once and Future King, a T. H. White story. This is the story of King Arthur in childhood as he is being instructed by the magician Merlin and his owl, Archimedes. Although it doesn’t stick to the original story and something of the quality of myth is lost, the animation is superior and the tale intriguing and amusing. A delight for the whole family.

The Rating:

I may be a little biased as this is a movie I watched as a kid and loved it so much then.

Well, even after years, this film still holds up. Although it’s not the best Disney flick out there it is so much fun to watch and just all around enjoyable. Also, it features one of my all-time favorite Disney characters!

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My Favourite Disney Movies (Part 1)

One thing I loved most during my childhood was always watching my Disney videos. I still hold those movies very dear, so here are my favourites!


1. Hercules:
This movie is just great. Hercules tries so hard to fit in but only when he decides to embrace who he is, he has a chance to become happy. Another huge plus point is the character of Meg. She is so badass, I always adored her for it. Whatever it was that needed to be done, she could do it herself, not needing anyone to safe her, like the usual Disney princess.


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