Movie Mania: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Hey guys!
Today I want to share one of my all-time favourite action-adventure movies: Steven Spielberg’s famous Raiders of the Lost Ark.


The Plot:
Archeologist and professor Indiana Jones heads to Egypt to prevent the Nazis from finding the Ark of the Lost Covenant, as it would make their armies invincible. On this very dangerous trip he even reunites with his old love Marion…


The Rating:
Harrison Ford has starred in many impressive films throughout his career, but the Raiders of the lost Ark series is definitely among the very best. The only way to describe this movie is as hell of a ride. It’s a fast paced adventure that takes you around the world. Continue reading


Movie Mania: Catch me if you Can

Hey Guys!
Today I have one of my favourite Leonardo DiCaprio movies for. He starred in many great production but this one is funny, sad and has his perfect antagonist: Tom Hanks! What makes it even more interesting: It’s based on the real story of Frank Abagnale…


The Plot:
The teen-aged Frank Abagnale has a wonderful but when his loving family seems to fall apart he takes drastic measures. His father loses his job and soon after his parents get divorced. Frank runs away. You’d think a young boy would run out of money soon, but Frank is clever. He begins forging checks and poses as a PanAm pilot. And that’s only the beginning… Continue reading