Captain Marvel

Hello, my darling readers!
Welcome to the second post of my MCU review series. In terms of chronology, Captain Marvel is the next film after Captain America, so here we go!

The Plot:

As Carol Danvers rediscovers her past, she becomes one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe…

The Rating:

I am super glad that Captain Marvel is the second film if you watch the MCU movies in chronological order as I was really excited to watch this one.
Well, Brie Larson didn’t disappoint me!

There are many things I liked about this film. Let’s start with something simple: the soundtrack. As a large chunk of the film is set in the 1990s, that’s where most of the music comes from. Of course, we get Nirvana, but generally speaking, it is a very “girl power” soundtrack. With bands like Garbage, No Doubt and Hole (bonus points for actually using my favorite song of them for the credits) it’s a perfect fit for Captain Marvel.
I was only somewhat sad, that no Nine Inch Nails were played. Carol wears a NIN shirt during the film, so I kind of expected at least one of their songs to be included.

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3 Thoughts on Twin Peaks Season 3 (2017)

Hello my lovely readers!
Those of you who drop by more often will know by know that I’m huge fan of David Lynch and his amazing show Twin Peaks in particular.
You can guess how stoked I was about a new season coming up this year!


#1 – So many new characters!
It is set 25 years after the original show, so of course ever character develops and many new ones get introduced. However, there are so many new additions to the cast, many of them only briefly shown that it can get quite confusing. I really wish that there had been more time to explore some of the new characters and plotlines instead of just throwing in tons of new stuff just to get more guest stars.


#2 – The Plot:
If you have ever seen a David Lynch movie, you’ll know that your chances of ending up super confused are pretty high. With Twin Peaks things had been more or less understandable up until season two. But the new one is something completely different. I’ll have to watch it again (most likely multiple times…) to fully grasp everything that was going on there. Lynch threw in some really interesting ideas worth spending some time pondering about! Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Trainspotting

This one had ben sitting on my shelf for half an eternity. A month ago I finally grabbed the book and was excited to dive into Irvine Welsh famous story of drug addiction.


The Plot:
Trainspotting is actually just a bunch of different scenes and events. Told from different perspectives you get to know the junkies Rent, Sick Boy, Spud and some of their friends. Irvine Welsh tells the tale of their daily struggle.

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Movie Mania: Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is a comic sci-fi movie for adults. This 1981 film consists of different stories that are loosely linked by a crystalline green sphere.


The Plot:

The story begins with an astronaut in Corvette coming back to earth. He drives to his house where he’s greeted by his daughter. The green ball he brought back from outer space starts so shine as he touches it. Suddenly the ball melts him, the girl watching in terror. Introducing itself as the sum of all evils the so-called Loc-Nar shows the girl how it influenced different societies over time. Continue reading