Time To Talk About Books: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

This novel written by Jeffrey Eugenides was published in 1993. It tells the story of the five Lisbon sisters who commit suicide. The story is set in the 1970 and is told by a few guys who once admired the girls from afar and try to contemplate their life years later.

The Plot:

the virgin suicides

the virgin suicides

The Lisbon girls, Cecilia, Lux, Bonnie, Therese and Mary, life with their parents who are quite strict. The tragedy begins when the youngest girl, Cecilia, tries to commit suicide by sliding her wrists. The paramedics manage to safe her. But a few weeks later when the girls throw a party to distract a little bit Cecilia jumps out

of her window, landing on the fence and being stabbed.

From there on everybody tries to cope with the situation. After some time things seem to go back to normal. When Lux falls in love with Trip Fontaine he persuades her parents to let the girls go to the homecoming dance. Lux comes home late and from that moment on the girls are hardly allowed to leave the house anymore, their mother makes Lux burn her Rock n Roll records.

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