Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season 3

Hello my lovely readers!
I just finished watching the final episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season 3. Unfortunately, this will be the show final season 😦


The Plot:
Life could be so cozy in Elk Grove Michigan. Ash is giving the hardware store a makeover, has a great time with his buddies and even finds out he has a kick-ass daughter. If only evil wouldn’t try to destroy the world…


The Rating:
I am beyond sad that this was the final season. It was brilliant!
After season 2 I had my doubts that they can make it work for another one but by now, I want it to continue forever. Of course they keep up with the funny tone of the last two seasons, but this one also has some tough and serious moments. I hadn’t expected the combination to work out but the balance is perfect. The tone of season 3 is generally darker but also has more depth. Continue reading


3 Thoughts on Twin Peaks Season 3 (2017)

Hello my lovely readers!
Those of you who drop by more often will know by know that I’m huge fan of David Lynch and his amazing show Twin Peaks in particular.
You can guess how stoked I was about a new season coming up this year!


#1 – So many new characters!
It is set 25 years after the original show, so of course ever character develops and many new ones get introduced. However, there are so many new additions to the cast, many of them only briefly shown that it can get quite confusing. I really wish that there had been more time to explore some of the new characters and plotlines instead of just throwing in tons of new stuff just to get more guest stars.


#2 – The Plot:
If you have ever seen a David Lynch movie, you’ll know that your chances of ending up super confused are pretty high. With Twin Peaks things had been more or less understandable up until season two. But the new one is something completely different. I’ll have to watch it again (most likely multiple times…) to fully grasp everything that was going on there. Lynch threw in some really interesting ideas worth spending some time pondering about! Continue reading

5 Thoughts on The Leftovers Season 3

Hey Guys!
I know, this year I’m a bit behind when it comes to catching up with all the shows that had new seasons airing this year. The Leftovers aired its final episode on June 4th. It was not only the last episode of season 3 but the last episode in general. So was the third season a worthy end to a remarkable show?


#1 – The Beginning:
This season was certainly intense. After watching season 2 I thought I was prepared for everything, but hell no!
Just like the last time, the very first episode is special. The opening scene is set in 1844 (I won’t say anything else – no spoilers here) and it’s simply beautiful. I’m pretty sure no other show could pull this off but with The Leftovers it works. It’s so atmospheric and – as usual – heartbreaking. Continue reading

3 Thoughts on Better Call Saul – Season 3

Hey guys!
One of the shows I was looking forward to the most this year was Better Call Saul. I binged-watched the first two season and couldn’t wait for number 3!


#1 – The Law:
What I appreciate about Better Call Saul is that representation of law, the work of lawyers and trials feels very realistic. I have to admit, I’m no expert on American law as I’m from Austria, but as far as I can tell, they did a really good job there. There’s not too much drama, so super fancy meetings or cases. Better Call Saul shows the hard work and tough decisions you have to make. Season three by far more than the other two did. Continue reading

3 Thoughts on Broadchurch Season 3

Hey guys!
This year one of my favourite British TV shows returned with another season: Broadchurch! After two years David Tennant and Olivia Colman are back.


Thought #1 – The Cast:
I’ve said this before (basically ever single time I talk about Broadchurch), but I’d like to point out once more how talented all these actors are. David Tennant is perfect as grumpy Detective (and I love his accent), Olivia Colman is just so relatable and her performance is always bound to get me. But also other cast members from past seasons like Jodie Whittaker get a chance to prove their talent. Furthermore, we get some new actors that blend in perfectly! Continue reading

4 Things I love about Blackadder the Third!

Hey Guys!
I’ve already mentioned one of the most amazing British TV shows of all time here on my blog. (No, this time I’m not talking about Doctor Who.) Blackadder is definitely my all-time favourite sitcom and one of Rowan Atkinson’s best works.
This time, I want to shed some light on season 3, which is set in the late 18th century.


#1 – Hugh Laurie as Prince Regent:
We’ve encountered many great characters and actor during the other two season, but Hugh Laurie as the hilariously stupid Prince Regent is among my favourites. I hadn’t know that he would join the cast for season 3, so I ended up pleasantly surprised.

#2 – Queenie makes a Comeback!
One of the best characters in season 2 was undoubtedly Queenie. Miranda Richardson (who in my head shall forever be named Queenie) also takes on a little role in this season. I don’t want to add any spoilers here, but that episode is definitely my favourite in season 3. It’s super funny and comes with huge plot-twist! Continue reading