4 Things I love about Blackadder the Third!

Hey Guys!
I’ve already mentioned one of the most amazing British TV shows of all time here on my blog. (No, this time I’m not talking about Doctor Who.) Blackadder is definitely my all-time favourite sitcom and one of Rowan Atkinson’s best works.
This time, I want to shed some light on season 3, which is set in the late 18th century.


#1 – Hugh Laurie as Prince Regent:
We’ve encountered many great characters and actor during the other two season, but Hugh Laurie as the hilariously stupid Prince Regent is among my favourites. I hadn’t know that he would join the cast for season 3, so I ended up pleasantly surprised.

#2 – Queenie makes a Comeback!
One of the best characters in season 2 was undoubtedly Queenie. Miranda Richardson (who in my head shall forever be named Queenie) also takes on a little role in this season. I don’t want to add any spoilers here, but that episode is definitely my favourite in season 3. It’s super funny and comes with huge plot-twist! Continue reading


3 Reasons For Watching Orange is the New Black Season 3

The new Orange is the New Black season is finally out! After three days I’m done with watching and I’m pretty excited about this season. Here’s why:


Reason #1:
It’s not just about one person. Although it did start out focusing on Piper, you get to know all of the characters. Each one has his or her own story. This includes not only the inmates but also the people working at the prison. I love how many dimensions this show has. All the aspect brought in give the show a depth that others just can’t achieve.

Reason #2: Continue reading