Supernatural: Season 15 – Part 2

Hey guys!
*Takes a deep breath*
I watched the rest of season 15 right when it came out but I knew my review would turn out to be quite lengthy. So, I had to wait for a bit until I actually had time to sit down and compile a review that does all my feelings justice. I’m finally done, so here we go! (Beware, this review will be nothing but spoilers!)

The Plot:

This is it. The final round. Sam and Dean have to face God himself. Can they win a game as dangerous as that?

The Rating:

I was so excited to see the last stretch of this long journey. Although I had only started watching Supernatural in late 2019, I was already familiar with almost every aspect of the show through tumblr. I watched all season in record time and was heartbroken when the finale couldn’t air as originally scheduled. After all, I had planned things exactly so I could watch the whole show in one go without having to wait between seasons! With my plan thwarted I started re-watching the show once more in the mean-time and grew even more excited about the impending finale. October finally came, bringing with it the last seven episodes of Supernatural that would ever air.

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Supernatural: Season 15 (The First Half) – A Review

Hey guys!
You know, I started watching Supernatural late in 2019. I had waited this long, so I could watch the entire thing without always having to wait in-between season. I figured, they’ll be done airing the final season by the time I catch up.
…And then COVID 19 hit and my beautiful plan was for naught. Anyways, let’s talk about what already aired of Supernatural’s 15th and final season!

The Plot (according to Rotten Tomatoes):

Sam, Dean, and Cass are left to save themselves and the world one final time. But this time they aren’t just up against any old monster. This time they have to take on God himself, and that guy is pissed af.

The Rating:

We’re not even done with the season and I’m already feeling all the feels.
There’s so much going and I was prepared for sacrifices to be made but those still hit me hard.

So far, the season is super intriguing. The story is well-written and promises to be a worthy end to 15 years of saving people and hunting things.

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