Supernatural: Season 14 – A Review

Hey guys!
We’re almost at the end. I’m both excited and sad to have come this far. Let’s talk about season 14 while I figure out what to with my life after I finished watching all 15 seasons of Supernatural!

The Plot (according to Rotten Tomatoes):

Season 14 of this drama television series opens weeks after the possession of Dean by the Archangel Michael. Now, Sam, Castiel and Jack must find a way to bring Dean back and stop Michael’s plan to bring demise into the world. Meanwhile, Jack is finding hard to adapt to his new life without powers, while Sam finds himself the leader of a new hunter network.

The Rating:

This was so, so good.
Honestly, most shows get worse towards the end, but with Supernatural it’s quite the opposite. While (especially) the first season was a bit wobbly they managed to find what they excel at and are playing that marvelously.

So, I wasn’t 100% in love with the new problem we are facing (Dean being possessed by Michael), but they spun that story really well. There was enough time to explore this but (in contrast to other seasons), this wasn’t drawn out over too many episodes. Well done!

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