Movie Mania: Ready or Not

Hello, hello!
2019 had so many great films in theaters I am still trying to catch up with my reviews. Although there wasn’t a single film I didn’t enjoy, I certainly had one of the best times ever with Ready or Not. Let’s find out why!

The Plot:

Grace and Alex just got married. Grace is excited to finally reconnect with Alex’ estranged family – something she will soon regret.
It’s a family tradition to play a game with the new family member. Only in her case, it’s pretty lethal…

The Rating:

What can I say about Ready or Not?
Well, the idea is absolutely bonkers but for some reason, it works out just fine.

Not only is the story crazy, but filmmakers also managed to marry gore-y sequences with a great sense of humor. I know many people won’t like the film exactly because of that. Too much blood, too many things they don’t consider funny, etc. But it was right down my alley, so I had a blast.

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