Sailor Moon (Seasons 1-4)

Hey guys!
Today I’m revisiting a show I absolutely adored when I was little. When I noticed that Sailor Moon is available on Hulu I just had to sit down to binge it. Let’s see if it lived up to my memory!

The Plot (according to RT):

A trouble-prone schoolgirl receives the ability to transform into a powerful heroine and assembles a team of friends and allies to battle the forces of evil that threaten the world.

The Rating:

Okay, it’s been a good 20 years since I watched Sailor Moon. I was really curious to see whether anything would feel familiar or if I might even remember specific things. After binging seasons 1-4 (I still need to get to season 5, but it was only available in subbed version which means I can’t work or do anything else while watching, so it has to wait for now) I came to the conclusion that I probably started watching from season 3 onwards when I was little. I was actually surprised how many things really seemed familiar. Some episodes I even recognized and recalled specific details about!

But nevermind all that, let’s talk about the show!
There are a great many things wrong with it that rubbed me the wrong way but also many things that I found quite surprising and really forward considering this show aired in the 90s. I want to start with some of the positive things. This mainly includes homosexuality and genderfluidity. I don’t remember exactly at which point in the show this occurred but the girls (and I refer to them as girls as they are 15 years old!) were speculating that one of them is dating and somebody was curious what the boy might look like when somebody else quickly interjected, hey it could also be a girl. And everybody was like, ok yeah, maybe. And that was it. It was depicted as something completely normal. Which brings us to season 3, where two new guardians were introduced. One of them is Sailor Uranus who many people mistake for a boy at first. She dresses like that and usually does not correct people in their assumption, which is why I mentioned genderfluidity before. Haruka, or Sailor Uranus, seems to just move between male and female at her own discretion and it’s never something that gets criticized. In fact, pretty much all the other girls have a crush on her and are disappointed when it turns out that Haruka is not a guy (as they are all straight, I guess). It is also heavily hinted that Haruka is in a relationship with Michiru (Sailor Neptune). Again, nothing that ever gets discussed or criticized. It’s the way it is and it’s normal. How is it that in an anime from the 90s, that was specifically marketed towards children, this can be incorporated in such a normal way without anyone batting an eye, yet here we are in 2021 where it still seems groundbreaking when a homosexual character is included in any show? I honestly didn’t remember any of that from the show, so I was really surprised, impressed and really happy about it!

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My 5 Favourite TV Shows When I Was Little

Hey Guys!
It’s time for another good list. I want to head down memory lane and reminisce about my most beloved childhood TV shows!


# 1 – Sailor Moon:
I watched this one almost religiously. I sang along, I danced I even had some plastic thing I kept waving around like Sailor Moon.
Back in the day the entire afternoon programme consists of anime shows and I loved all of them. But Sailor Moon is most definitely my favourite. A few years ago, they showed a re-run. I was glued to the screen!


#2 – Moomins:
Is they show even known outside of Europe? It’s not even that famous in Austria. The Moomins are actually book characters invented by a Finnish writer. To be honest, I’ve never read a single one of those books, but the show was always one my favourites. They characters are so different, it’s a little weird and especially the setting is so unlike everything. A really magical show!

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