TV Show Spotlight: A Young Doctor’s Notebook

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I want to talk about a mini-series you’ve probably never heard about until now. To be honest, I hadn’t known about it as well. The show came to me by surprise, so let’s see if it is any good!


What is it about?
Daniel Radcliff plays the eponymous young doctor who just finished medical school and is sent to the middle of nowhere to run a tiny hospital.  The show chronicles his first years there and most importantly shows the doctor (now several years older and struggling) looking back on his life.


Why should you check it out?
Let me tell you straight away: the show is a little weird. It has a rather dark and gloomy look and often deals with rather serious topics. However, I hadn’t expected to find so much humor in this show. But for some reason it works out just fine! Continue reading


Vikings Season 5a – A Review

Hello my lovely readers!
I was super excited when Vikings returned for a 5th season at the end of November. The first half recently concluded, so it’s time to share my thoughts with you!


The Plot:
The season kicks off with Ivar, Ubbe and Hvitserk still in East Anglia while Bjorn and Halfdan set out for the Mediterranean Sea. Lagertha tries to keep things up back in Kattegat which proves rather difficult.
Soon before long all of them shall meet again…


The Rating:
I had been counting the days for Vikings to return with a new season! So you can guess how thrilled I was when they began with a double episode.
As you may have guessed, season 5 has everything to offer, we learned to appreciate during the last season: interesting places, strong female characters, great dialogues and super impressive battle scenes.  Continue reading

3 Thoughts on Orange is the New Black – Season 5

Hey Folks!
I’m currently a bit behind with catching up on all my favourite shows and the new seasons. However, I finally managed to watch Orange is the New Black #5!


Thought #1 – Piper:
Well, I mentioned this in my post about the fourth season, but let me say it again: Although Piper started out as the main character, I was really glad when the focus of the show shifted. At a certain point she began to bore me. After some more time, she annoyed me. She’s an interesting side character, but I’m super glad that in season 5 she’s not the main center of attention and action.


Thought #2 – The Background:
One of the things I appreciated most about the past season is how every character gets to develop and has many different layers. An important part of giving the characters depth, is telling their stories. So far almost all of those were intense and got under your skin. This season not that many stories are featured but believe me, the ones we get to see will hit you hard.  Continue reading

Movie Mania: Voldemort – Origins of the Heir

Hey guys!
Todays review will be very interesting for the Harry Potter fans among you: the long-awaited fan-made movie Voldemort – Origins of the Heir was finally released!



The Plot:
This 52 minute long film depicts the teenage years of Tom Riddle and his first steps on the road to be become Lord Voldemort, the darkest of all Wizards.


The Rating:
I have to confess, I was so excited about this whole project. When I had first heard about the idea for this film, I was already jumping up and down. However, this project wasn’t made without controversies. Following the Kickstarter campaign to finance this, movie Warner Bros. filed a law suit for copyright violations. Well, it was agreed that they are not allowed to generate any profit with the movie, so the production could continue and on 13th January, it was made available on Youtube.  Continue reading

Twice Upon a Time (Doctor Who Christmas Special)

Hey Guys!
I know I’m running a little bit late with this review. You may not be feeling the Christmas spirit any more, but this special was so wonderful, it really deserve its own review!


The Plot:
First of all, we have to go back a couple of years. We get to meet the very first Doctor! He is about to regenerate for the very first time and is not happy about it. Wandering through the South Pole, he makes a rather interesting encounter: the twelfth Doctor, who is also close to regeneration. But before the two guys can deepen their acquaintance, they are joined by a World War I captain and abducted into an enormous spaceship…


The Rating:
Sounds weird so far? Doctor Who episodes always do, so let me shed some light on this one.
First of all, I need to point out how utterly adorable David Bradley is as the first Doctor. He had already done an amazing job as William Hartnell (the actor who originally played the first Doctor) in the docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time, so I was happy to see him return.  Continue reading

5 Thoughts on The Leftovers Season 3

Hey Guys!
I know, this year I’m a bit behind when it comes to catching up with all the shows that had new seasons airing this year. The Leftovers aired its final episode on June 4th. It was not only the last episode of season 3 but the last episode in general. So was the third season a worthy end to a remarkable show?


#1 – The Beginning:
This season was certainly intense. After watching season 2 I thought I was prepared for everything, but hell no!
Just like the last time, the very first episode is special. The opening scene is set in 1844 (I won’t say anything else – no spoilers here) and it’s simply beautiful. I’m pretty sure no other show could pull this off but with The Leftovers it works. It’s so atmospheric and – as usual – heartbreaking. Continue reading