Top 5 Reese Witherspoon Movies

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I haven’t done a post like this in a while but today I want to share my favorite Reese Witherspoon Movies with you. She’s a very talented actress who played in many amazing films, so she clearly deserves her own post ­čśë


#5 – Legally Blonde:
The only way to describe Reese Witherspoon in this role is as divine. Her character, Elle Woods, is cute, funny and smart. She proves everybody wrong, stands up for what she believes and makes her dreams come true. A lovely comedy, I never get tired watching!


#4 – Election:
Election is the perfect dark comedy. Reese Witherspoon plays Tracy Flick a stone cold girl who stops at nothing to become class president. Brilliant is the only word to describe what Witherspoon does in this film. I’ve seen many of her films but this one is among my favourites. I always love a bit of dark humor and in this flick it all comes together perfectly!

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Top 3 90’s Flicks with Great Female Leads (Comedy Edition)

Hey Guys!
Another fresh list for you today! Let’s talk about the finest the 90’s have to offer: great actresses and super funny films!


10 Things I Hate About You:
I just love this film. After seeing it numerous times I know all the lines by heart. The best thing about the film is not the great soundtrack or Heath Ledger. Not even the Shakespeare hints. It’s Julia Stiles as Kat Stratford. That is one badass bitch. Annoyed by everything and everyone, brutally honest and sarcastic and not backing down!

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Music in Movies: Top 10 (Part 2)

Here we have the positions 5 to 1 in my ranking of great musical scenes in movies:

5. Kill Bill – I walk like Jane Mansfield – The 5 6 7 8’s

Quentin Tarantino always sets new standards when it comes to using music in movies. I especially liked it when he convinced the Japanese girl band “The 5 6 7 8’s” to perform in his movie Kill Bill. When the bride enters the House of Blue Leaves they play “I Walk Like Jane Mansfield”. It’s an interesting combination, the danger that already hangs in the air mixes with the music and intertwines.

4. Streets of Fire – Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young

In this movie from 1984 Diane Lane plays a singer who is kidnapped by some gangsters and Michael Pare sets out to rescue her. Throughout the movie the band Fire Inc. has several performances and although Diane Lane didn’t sing herself I really liked it..The movie is a little strange, different and definitely worth watching. The music featured in the film is great, I was really impressed. My favourite song is “Tonight is What it Means to Be Young”. It captures the feeling of the movie really well and the lyrics are poetic. This movie is a must watch!

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Movie Mania: Walk the Line

walk the line

walk the line

Hey guys ­čÖé

Today I’m gonna talk about the movie “Walk the Line”. It’s about Johnny Cash’s life and of course there’s a whole lot of music.

You find out about Johnny’s childhood, about how he started his career. How he meets June Carter, falls in love with her and changes. Continue reading