Movie Mania Star Wars Special: Bonus! Spaceballs

Hey guys! I finished reviewing all the films there are in the Star Wars franchise so far. Although it’s not technically a SW film, today is a bonus post. Let’s talk about Spaceballs!

The Plot:

Spaceballs is essentially a parody of the original three Star Wars movies. There are a princess, a hairy sidekick, and a mercenary who save the world in their spaceship. You get the point 😉

The Rating:

I am aware that the reviews for this film are mixed at best, but I, for my part found it hilarious. There are so many funny characters and a decent story-line you’ll be able to enjoy even if you are not a Star Wars fan. I watched Spaceballs several years before checking out a SW-movie. So, despite not being familiar with the stuff being subject of the parody, you’ll laugh while watching this film. Granted, it’s not perfect, but Mel Brooks’s productions rarely are. Of all his parodies I’ve seen so far, this one is my favorite.

Don’t take it too seriously and allow yourself to have some fun. It’s a film you’ll enjoy!

Did you watch this one? Let me know if you are a Star Wars fan!

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Movie Mania: The Great Dictator

Last Thursday I went to one of Vienna’s cosy old cinemas. In the course of a Jewish film festival they showed “The Great Dictator” a movie I hadn’t seen so far but always wanted to watch. Charlie Chaplin created a satirical political comedy drama parodying the events of the second World War.

The Plot:

A Jewish Barber who fights in the first World War is injured. When he is released years later he thinks no time has passed while in reality the nation of Tomainia now has a dictator Hynkel who suppresses the Jews. It takes sometime until he realises how the world has changed in his absence. Continue reading