Top 5 Non-Disney Animated Movies (Fairy-Tale Edition)

Hey Guys!
After I did a post on my favourite non-Disney films, I decided to give an extra ramble on the best animated fairy-tales! I went through my Video collection and picked the very best ones!
Let’s see what’s worth checking out!


#5 The Swan Princess:
This one is really interesting as I had never heard of the fairy-tale before. Princess Odette is turned into a swan by an evil magician who wants to become king himself. So we get some cute side-kick animals and a nice story with a little dash of magic!


#4 The Secret of NIMH:
Dark one. The Mouse Mrs. Brisby has to move her home as the farmer will soon start plowing the field it’s located in. However, he youngest son falls ill and many problems arise. Many aspects are covered in this film, from experiments with animals to death, it’s a fascinating one.

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Top 5 Non-Disney Animated Movies

Hey Guys!
I just realized I haven’t posted a proper list in ages, so today I want to share my favourite non-Disney animated movies. Here we go!
(I won’t contain any Anime films in this list as there are just too many great ones. Subject of another post!)


#5 Minions:
Some people hate these little fellas with all their heart, but I simply adore the minions. Ever since watching Despicable Me I’ve been charmed by them. You can guess how excited I was so see their very own movie! Minions is absolutely hilarious and simply super cute!


#4 Corpse Bride:
It’s no secret that I love Tim Burton films but this one is definitely among my favourites. Corpse Bride was made with so much love for details. Together with the rather somber atmosphere it’s unlike any other movie.

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