Top 6 Favourite Movie Couples

Today my list topic strays from the usual TV sector and goes right down to movies. Here are my favourite TV couples! I hope you enjoy it, let me know in the comments below which pairing you would have picked! 🙂


6. George and Mary Bailey (It’s a wonderful Life):
Has there ever been a cuter couple? Whenever George struggles, Mary is there to support him. They are a perfect match and stick together throughout every kind of problems.

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My DVD Rack from A to Z (Part 3)

Here we go – this is part 3 of my series. The last part will be only in the next few days!

M – Mary and Max:mary and max
This one might be the cutest film I ever saw. It’s about a rather strange relationship that develops when the 8-year-old Daisy writes a letter to a 44-year-old man in America ’cause she is curious about life in the States.
There are so many lovely moments in this movie, you’re just drifting from one “oooh”-sigh to the other. It may be a strange movie but it’s nonetheless heart-warming.

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