TV Show Ramble: Russian Doll

Hello, my darling readers!
I finally had time to binge one of Netflix’ very own productions Russian Doll. Created by Natasha Lyonne who already excelled at her role as Nicky in Orange Is the New Black, this show was just bound to be good!

The Plot:

This is not quite how Nadia had imagined her birthday. The party sucks balls and all she wants to do is get away. Then she dies.
Only to find herself back at the party once more. Again and again…

The Rating:

Let me warn you: make sure you have enough time at hand when watching this. ‘Cause once you get started you won’t be able to stop until you finished all 8 episodes.

Yes, the show is that good.
Natasha Lyonne brings her A-game and shows what a talented actress she is. We get Charlie Barnett who plays his role heartbreakingly.
Russian Doll mixes comedy with earnest and dramatic moments but it’s a perfect fit. While in other shows of movies this often is too much of a contrast and fails to blend into one production, here it’s a smooth marriage of humor and tragedy.

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