Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall – Your Blog as a Mirror

When I read todays “Daily Prompt” I started to think. The idea of your blog as a mirror of yourself is really interesting. I think we all reveal more of ourselves through our posts than we are aware of.
If you read between the lines you can always figure out a lot about a writer. A good author projects feelings through his pieces of writing, some of them are intended and some aren’t. By reflecting and writing on a certain subject you subconsciously you let your personal feelings slip in, you can’t prevent it.

Let’s come to the analysis of my blog:
What does it reveal about me?

First of all, the title: “Useless Talent #666”
It tells you several things about me, for example that I’m a movie fan. In “Planet Terror” the girls talk about their useless talents but almost at the end one of them says that there comes a point in life when you will find a use for all of you “useless” talents. Furthermore, it shows that I like things that are a little bit unusual and not too obvious for everyone. I enjoy speaking in references and quotes, an instant way to find out if someone is on the wavelength as you.

The next thing on the list is the theme I chose:
Well, I tried out most of the free themes here on WordPress and as most of them can hardly be modified I decided for this one. It’s the only one with a nice structures and colors that don’t make me wanna throw up. But after some time I started to like it a lot. The diary-ish look matches with the few posts I write that aren’t reviews but posts about my thoughts on life. I often write to reflect on a certain subject, to get my thoughts in order, do deal with it. Therefore a theme that looks like a diary is a great match. Continue reading

Blog Challenge: Something you are proud of

Something I am really proud of happened just a few weeks ago.
I am talking about my final written exams. Today I found out how I did there. It turned out I got two As and one B. Of course this is a thing to be proud of but to me, it means a lot more.

About a week before the exams I got really ill. I was in such a bad condition, I even had to go to hospital. There I tried to study as well as possible (which really wasn’t a lot). When the exams finally took place I had to argue with the doctor so they would let me go to write them. Continue reading

Blog Challenge: What you hope your future will be like

So this is my second post in this challenge. I decided to do it because the last one was about looking back and I think now it’s time to face the future.

The first thing I wish for is that I can get away from here. I’m living in this small town at the end of the world and I feel like suffocating here.  My plan for getting out of here is quite easy: I want to go to university in a big city and I already am trying to get that done. I decided for a subject to study at university and I started to check out places to stay at. What I really would have liked to do is studying abroad. Continue reading

Blog Challenge: How have you changed within the last 2 years?

This is my first post for the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I’m not yet sure if I’ll do all 30 of them and by the way, I sure as hell won’t do them within 30 days. And most of all, I won’t do them in the same order as they appear in the list. I’m going to pick the one theme I feel like writing about at the moment.

So here we go…

Well it’s hard to say how much you changed, most of the time you only come to realise it when you meet somebody from your past. I haven’t done so but from time to time I heard about the stuff that former ‘friends’ do and the things that happened to them. Continue reading