Top 5 Tuesday: Fictional Friendships

Hey, guys!
It’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for a bookish favorites posts. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Bionic Book Worm and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
This week all introduce you to my favorite bookish besties!

#1 The Illyrian Babies in the ACOTAR-Series:

Rhy, Cassian, and Azriel. Not only are they amazing characters on their own, they also have this brilliant friendship. Everything about them gives me a fluffy warm feeling in my ovaries.

#2 Ron, Hermione and Harry from the Harry Potter books:

They are top-notch friendship goals. Not only do I love the fact that every one of them brings something different to the table but they still are a great match. I also recognize myself a lot in Hermione and really wish I had friends like that!

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T5T: Top 5 books that NEED to be a movie

Hello, lovely readers and welcome to Top 5 Tuesday!
It’s hosted by Bionic Book Worm and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
So here we go with 5 books that just need to be turned into movies!

#1 A Court of Thorns and Roses:

Well, I actually finished reading the entire series. Twice. I have a LOT of thoughts and feelings on this these books by Sarah J. Maas.
I didn’t like the first book as much as the rest of the series, but I think it would make for an awesome movie. It’s a bit like The Hunger Games but with faeries and a dash of fairy-tale.
There actually is an adaptation in planning (for a couple of years now), so I’ve got my hopes up.

A Court of Thorns and Roses (Cover from Goodreads)

#2 Throne of Glass:

As we are talking of Sarah J. Maas. After I was done with ACOTAR, I immediately picked up another series of books written by her. Book number one there is Throne of Glass. It also goes in the same direction: a strong female lead who is actually an assassin and super badass. So a big yes for a movie about that one.
However, once upon a time, it was said we’d get a Throne of Glass TV show. But that project seems to be currently dormant.

Throne of Glass (Cover from Goodreads)

#3 Rules of Magic:

This might be the best book I read in all of 2018. It’s a prequel to Practical Magic. Both novels are written by Alice Hoffman. Practical Magic already has a pretty famous movie adaptation, but Rules of Magic is ba far the more interesting story of those two books.
By the wait, it’s partially set in the ’60s, so I’d watch the movie for the soundtrack alone.

The Rules of Magic (Cover from Goodreads)
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Book Review: The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #3)

Hey Guys!
I just finished the latest part in Rick Riordan’s series about the Norse Gods. It’s called the Ship of the Dead, so let’s see what it is about!

The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan (Goodreads Cover)

The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan (Goodreads Cover)


The Plot:
Magnus and his friends have to save the world by preventing Ragnarok. That basically entails defeating Loki and stopping his ship of the dead from sailing.
Piece of cake, right? The have a nice handkerchief that unfolds into a violently yellow boat to send take them through the nine worlds…


The Rating:
I’m sure that by now you all know that I’m a huge Rick Riordan fan. After reading all his books dealing with Greek mythology I was excited about this new series about the Norse Gods.
So far, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard has been a fascinating insight. I already learned so much!
The first two books were impossible to put down, so I was very excited to finally pick up book #3. Continue reading

Book Review: The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #2)

Hey my lovely readers!
I’m continuing my journey through all of Rick Riordan’s books and recently finished The Hammer of Thor. It’s the second installment in his Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series – I hope there are many more to come!

Goodreads Cover – The Hammer of Thor


The Plot:
Thor misplaced his hammer. Again. Only this time it’s not that easy to be found. So Magnus Chase and his friends are sent to retrieve the hammer and save the world…


The Rating:
I’m sure you know it by know: I simply love Rick Riordan’s novels. After devouring the Percy Jackson books as well as the Heroes of Olympus series, I was super excited about his new topic: the Norse Gods. One of the main reasons I enjoy Riordan’s works so much is because you learn something with each page. I had always been fascinated by Greek mythology but the Norse stuff was completely new to me. As this is the second book in the series by now I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in Asgard and I can’t wait to find out more. Continue reading

Book Review: The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #1)

Hey guys!
I recently finished Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. So I’m ready to dive into a series. What better choice would there be than Rick Riordan’s latest take on the Norse Gods?

Goodreads Cover - The Sword of Summer

Goodreads Cover – The Sword of Summer


The Plot:
Magnus Chase is your regular teenager. Except for the fact that he is homeless. And the son of Frey, a God. Oh, and he’s dead.
Well, Magnus had no idea that his life was about to change completely but it turns out, being that isn’t that bad. At least not when you made it to Valhalla, a place where worthy warriors get to wait and train for Ragnarok.
But before Magnus can make himself comfortable he has to go on a quest to retrieve the Sword of Summer and prevent Ragnarok from happening, well, next week…


The Rating:
As you know, I completely devoured Rick Riordan’s book on the Greek Gods. So I was super excited to check out his latest series on the Norse Gods. Continue reading