Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season 3

Hello my lovely readers!
I just finished watching the final episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season 3. Unfortunately, this will be the show final season 😦


The Plot:
Life could be so cozy in Elk Grove Michigan. Ash is giving the hardware store a makeover, has a great time with his buddies and even finds out he has a kick-ass daughter. If only evil wouldn’t try to destroy the world…


The Rating:
I am beyond sad that this was the final season. It was brilliant!
After season 2 I had my doubts that they can make it work for another one but by now, I want it to continue forever. Of course they keep up with the funny tone of the last two seasons, but this one also has some tough and serious moments. I hadn’t expected the combination to work out but the balance is perfect. The tone of season 3 is generally darker but also has more depth. Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: Ash vs. Evil Dead

Hey guys!
I’ve already mentioned this show before but so far neglected to give it a proper introduction. So let me present to you: Ash vs. Evil Dead, a comedy horror show developed by Sam Raimi and based on his homonymous movie series!


What is it about?
Our good old friend Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) is living a pretty decent life when all of sudden (because he did something stupid) the Evil Dead show up again, more 30 years after their last encounter. Well, as we all know, Ash is just THE man to stop them…

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