Lost Highway

Hello, hello!
Another day, another David Lynch movie. Today we’re going to take a closer look at Lost Highway, which proves to be very interested, judging from the trailer!

The Plot (according to Rotten Tomatoes):

From this inventory of imagery, Lynch fashions two separate but intersecting stories, one about a jazz musician (Bill Pullman), tortured by the notion that his wife is having an affair, who suddenly finds himself accused of her murder. The other is a young mechanic (Balthazar Getty) drawn into a web of deceit by a temptress who is cheating on her gangster boyfriend. These two tales are linked by the fact that the women in both are played by the same actress (Patricia Arquette).

The Rating:

I know I had seen this one years and years ago, but try as I might, I couldn’t remember a thing about it. So, a rewatch was in order. Well, I can tell you this was interesting. As is customary for everything David Lynch, Lost Highway is extremely weird and confusing, but it will also give you a lot of food for thought. It feels like the kind of story you could actually figure out if you think about it long enough. Like, the meaning is just the tiniest bit beyond your grasp. I don’t want to say too much in order not to spoil it for anybody, but I sure was intrigued. I mean, it was crazy but maybe just a little more on the rational side than some of Lynch’s other stuff I have seen. Oh boy, thinking about it, if this is the film that makes sense, we are in trouble. 😅

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Thursday Movie Picks: Actors in Multiple Roles

Hey, guys!
Welcome to another entry for Thursday Movie Picks.
It’s a series hosted by Wandering through the Shelves, so if you want to join the party, head over to her blog! It’s pretty easy: check out each week’s topic and come up with 3 to 5 movies that fit the theme.
This week I’ll talk about films featuring an actor or actresses in multiple roles!

#1 Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway

This is a David Lynch film, so you can imagine how weird and twisted it is. Patricia Arquette stars as both Renee and Alice. She’s brilliant!

#2 Christian Bale in The Prestige

In this flick about rivaling magicians, Christian Bale plays a surprising double role. I won’t tell you who he plays, as that would give away a major plot twist. 😉

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