Top 5 Tuesday: Anticipated Books for 2020

Hey, guys!
It’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for a bookish favorites posts. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah Bionic Book Worm and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
Today I’ll tell you about my most anticipated books of 2020!

#1 – The Boundless by Anna Bright (The Beholder #2)

I basically devoured The Beholder by Anna Bright so I can’t wait for the next installment. The story so far was smart, inventive and left me longing for more.

#2 – The next ACOTAR book by Sarah J. Maas

You all may know by now that I quite liked the ACOTAR books. Apparently, Sarah J. Maas is gracing us with something on that front this year!

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Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo (DC Icons #1)

Hello, my beloved readers!
After I had devoured all of the Grishaverse novels, I went on to pick up Leigh Bardugo’s contribution to the DC Icons series. Although I hadn’t been a superhero fan for most of my life, I got sucked into the MCU and now I’m checking out the DC Universe as well. I liked the Wonder Woman movie, so I was pretty excited to give this one a shot!

The Plot:

Diana, daughter of the Queen of the Amazons, longs for a chance to prove herself. An opportunity opens up when she saves a girl from drowning and suddenly finds her self tasked with saving the world…

The Rating:

This was quite good!

First of all, the Wonder Woman of the book (and the other Amazons as well as Themiscyra) are but an inspiration. Many things differ from the info that have been established in comic or movies thus far.
It’s difficult to take an already famous character but then make the thing your own. Here and there I felt like Bardugo struggled a bit with that.

The story we get is pretty much your standard “let’s go on a quest to save the world before the times runs out” type of thing. There wasn’t too much surprising or unique stuff going on and that left me a little disappointed.

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Top 5 Tuesday: Surprising Reads of 2019

Hey, guys!
It’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for a bookish favorites posts. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah Bionic Book Worm and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
Today I’ll share some of the most surprising reads I had this year. So let’s get started!

#1 Watchmen by Alan Moore

I don’t normally read comics or graphic novels. However, I already saw so many movie/TV show adaptations coming from that background, I first gave it a shot this year. I checked out The Umbrella Academy and wasn’t too impressed. The story was sort of weird and didn’t make sense, but I figured maybe the format just isn’t the right thing for me.
When the new Watchmen series started airing I was positively hypnotized by the story so I figured I should pick up the graphic novel to find out some more about where all of it came from. Guess what? I had a great time with the graphic novel and immediately went back to the library to pick up From Hell and the Scott Pilgram books to give those a shot as well. Maybe graphic novels do work for me after all!

#2 Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

2019 is the year I got hooked on book subscription boxes. It’s one of my favorite things at the moment and I already got so many amazing little trinkets and novels this way. Sorcery of Thorns is one of them. I had never heard about the book or the author but when I lifted the book out of the box I was already in love. The story was just as brilliant, so it’s definitely one of my favorite surprise reads this year!

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King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo (Grishaverse #6)

Hello, readers!
With King of Scars we enter into a new duology written by Leigh Bardugo. Still set within the realm of the Grishaverse, this book (and the next one that is to come) focuses on a different bunch of characters than the Six of Crows novels – however, those characters are old friends!

The Plot:

Three years after the events of Ruin and Rising, Nikolai is King and tries to get Ravka on the right track. Being King is never an easy job, especially if there is a monster inside, just waiting to break free…

The Rating:

This was so good!
Although I was sad to leave Ketterdam and my favorite Murder Babies behind, I was also excited to see what King Nikolai is up to these days.

Unfortunately, nothing in Ravka is ever smooth sailing. Charming Nikolai is plagued by a monster and his conflict is expertly depicted in this book. I like how Leigh Bardugo allows her characters to evolve and how she gives them depth. It’s not only Nikolai in this novel but also Zoya about whom we learn so much more.

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Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (Grishaverse #5)

Hello, my darling readers!
I was over the moon with Six of Crows and beyond ready to dive into a new adventure with my beloved Murder Babies. So, let’s get talking about Crooked Kingdom!

The Plot:

They did it. Kaz Brekker and his crew pulled off the most daring heist the world has ever seen. But they cannot seem to escape trouble. After being double-crossed they must once more fight for what they already earned – and take their revenge…

The Rating:

Crooked Kingdom is a rollercoaster of emotions. I laughed, I held my breath, I was in tears and my heart broke over the ending.

While Six of Crows was about one huge gig they pulled, Crooked Kingdom is about several intricate little cons that are part of the bigger plan concocted by criminal mastermind Kaz Brekker.
Seriously, how does Leigh Bardugo come up with this kind of stuff? The amount of thought that must have gone into this – it’s incredible.

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