Vikings Season 5b – A Review

Hello, my darling readers!
I’m currently catching up with my reviews on all the shows I finished within the last half year. The return of Vikings for the second part of season 5 was one that got me really excited, so let’s talk about it!

The Plot:

Ivar takes over Kattegat and declares himself king. In the meantime, Lagertha and her remaining supporters leave for East Anglia, hoping to settle there.
But of course, nothing ever goes according to plan…

The Rating:

Well, what can I say?
If you’ve loved every season up to this point, you’ll also enjoy this one.
5b is a solid season with some great battle scenes. However, in the end, it’s just more of the same. The writers try hard to show us new things, but we’ve reached a point where it all looks the same and feels the same.
Although I love the show, I am glad it will end after season six. The show honestly has reached its expiration date and it’s better to let it go instead of squeezing ten other seasons out just for the money.

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Vikings Season 5a – A Review

Hello my lovely readers!
I was super excited when Vikings returned for a 5th season at the end of November. The first half recently concluded, so it’s time to share my thoughts with you!


The Plot:
The season kicks off with Ivar, Ubbe and Hvitserk still in East Anglia while Bjorn and Halfdan set out for the Mediterranean Sea. Lagertha tries to keep things up back in Kattegat which proves rather difficult.
Soon before long all of them shall meet again…


The Rating:
I had been counting the days for Vikings to return with a new season! So you can guess how thrilled I was when they began with a double episode.
As you may have guessed, season 5 has everything to offer, we learned to appreciate during the last season: interesting places, strong female characters, great dialogues and super impressive battle scenes.  Continue reading

5 Thoughts on Vikings Season 4

Hey Folks!
So, I finally finished watching Season 4 of History channel’s epic Vikings saga.


Thought #1 – History:
What I always enjoyed about Vikings is real historical foundation it’s built on. I spent lots of time after each season, researching all the fascinating events. In this season it felt like more liberties were taken to depict the events, although it’s mostly still very accurate. Some things did feel a little exaggerated, but who knows. It could be what really happened!


Thought #2 – Lagertha:
Lagertha certainly is the most badass bitch in history. I think her part of the story is the free-styled one. However, Katheryn Winnick surprises and impresses me each time she enters the picture. Her portrayal of Lagertha is one of my all-time favourite female characters. Lagertha knows what she wants, she is skilled, she knows how to fight and never backs down. The fact that there actually was a real Viking shieldmaiden makes it even better! Continue reading