Movie Mania: Kill Bill Vol. 1 + 2

Quentin Tarantino’s homage to Japanese martial-arts-movies consists of the parts. The revenge epic originally was one film but due to the enormous length it was split into Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2.

Kill Bill 1

Kill Bill 1

The Plot (Kill Bill Vol. 1):

The film revolves around a young woman who once was a member of the assassin squad deadly viper. When

she pregnant she decided to start a new life. But as she is about to get married her former colleagues show up and turn the wedding into a massacre. The young woman, called the bride, swears revenge.

The movie opens with a black/white scene. The bride who is already advanced in pregnancy lies in church with blood smeared all over her face. A man, Bill, walks up to her and raises his gun to shoot her in the head. Just before he pulls the trigger the woman whispers: “Bill, it’s your baby.” He shoots.

Chapter I: 2
The bride is in a typical suburb. She’s there to visit Vernita Green alias Copperhead. The bride enters the house and the two women begin to fight. Copperhead dies as the bride stabs her with a knife. When she is about to leave Vernitas little daughter walks in. The bride tells her that she didn’t want her to see all this but when she’s grown up and still hasn’t finished with this she can take revenge. Continue reading