Music in Movies: Top 10 (Part1)

There are many movies with great soundtracks but right now I want to talk about musical performances in movies. Some actors did an amazing job with singing and some made great appearances in films. Here are the positions 10 to 6 of music scenes in my personal top 10 (the places 5 to 1 will follow in the next days):

10. Rock N Roll Highschool – The Ramones

I’ve always been a Ramones fan thus I adore this movie. It’s about a highschool with a new principal who wants disciplin and therefore tries to ban rock music. Riff Randell, a huge Ramones fan, is first in line to get a ticket when they play in town. The principal, Miss Togar, takes her ticket away but through a radio contest she still gets to meet the band. When Miss Togar and some parents start to burn records the students revolt. And with the help of the Ramones they take over the school.
This movie is stuffed to the top with great tunes. You get to see the concert Riff Randell goes to but my favourite music scene in this movie is at the end.

9. Chicago – The Cell Block Tango

Based on a musical Rob Marshall made an amazing movie. With Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger and Richard Gere in the leading roles very talented actors had been casted. Not only did they deliver a great acting performance, they also impressed with their singing skills.
The movie is about two women who meet in jail. Velma, a star, killed her sister and her husband who had an affair. Roxie Hart shot her lover because he lied to her. With the help of her lawyer Roxie manipulates the press and becomes famous. From there on the movie follows the trial.
My favourite musical performance in this movie is the Cell Block Tango where all the merry murderesses of the jail are introduced and tell their stories. This song captures the rather dark atmosphere of the entire story really well.

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Book vs Movie: Touching from a Distance/Control

The biography “Touching from a Distance” is about the life and death of the musician Ian Curtis. The book was written in 1995 by his wife Deborah Curtis.

What is it about?

touching from a distance

touching from a distance

Deborah Curtis the one who knows Ian Curtis better than anybody else talks about how she meets Ian and falls

in love with him. They get married and start a family.

After some time Ian becomes the singer of the band Joy Division. They are successful

and start to tour. But with the success Ian epileptic seizures, that many people misinterpret as an entertainment technique, begin to worsen.Although Ian loves his wife and his daughter, he falls for Annik HonorĂ©, a Belgian music journalist, while touring. The highly sensitive Ian who often has to deal with mental problems isn’t able to make a decision, he doesn’t want anybody to get hurt.

Eventually his problem end with suicide. Ian Curtis dies at the age of 24.

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Time to talk about books: Touching From A Distance by Deborah Curtis

Hi guys đŸ™‚

Yesterday I already talked about a book that deals with the topic music.

Today I’m gonna review “Touching From A Distance” a book about Ian Curtis’ (singer of Joy Division) life. It’s

touching from a distance

touching from a distance

written by his wife Deborah.

You find out how Deborah and Ian first met, how they fell in love and how Ian got famous. His wife wrote about how torn Ian was. Continue reading

Playlist #1

I. Awful – Hole

II. Such Small Hands – La Dispute

III. Swords and Pens – The Story so Far

IV. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

V. Sixteen Saltines – Jack White

VI. Make Me Wanna Die – The Pretty Reckless

VII. Swing Swing – The All American Rejects

VIII. Cincinnati – The Distillers

IX. For Lovers – Pete Doherty

X. If It Means A Lot To You – A Day To Remeber