Orphan Black: Season 5 – A Review

Hey Guys!
I just realized that I have so far completely neglected to write a review on season 5 of Orphan Black. It was the final season of this phenomenal show and aired in 2017. So let’s see whether it was a worthy end!


The Plot:
Cosima finds herself on a weird island, run by the ominous PT Westmoreland. Is that man really immortal? But far more important: what is he up to?
But Cosima isn’t the only one facing difficulties. Helena is pregnant and it gets harder to protect her unborn babies from Dyad.
In the mean time Sarah and Rachel battle over Kyra, the former trying to protect her, while the latter wants to use the girl for experiments.
But the big fight is yet to come…


The Rating:
They certainly ended the show not with a fizzle but with a bang.
The plot was beyond intriguing. It was impossible to figure out what would happen next or even predict the ending. In this season, a few things felt a bit far-fetched, but I’m more than prepared to overlook that little flaw. The atmosphere is giving you goosebumps, you will be holding your breath many times throughout this season. With every episode I was even more impressed by the writers to come up with something this intricate. Continue reading

Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: Orphan Black

This Canadian TV show deals with a very interesting subject: human clones and related moral and identity issues. By now there are two seasons with ten episodes each.


The Plot:

Sarah Manning witnesses the suicide of a woman who seems to look exactly like her. She decides to take on the woman’s identity who she finds out is Beth Childs, a cop. Soon she finds out that there are more doppelg√§nger. Not only do those women look like her, they share the same DNA. It turns out that Sarah, Beth and all the others are clones. Sarah struggles to win back her daughter whom she left with her own former foster-mother and has to cope with several problems arising. She can’t keep up Beth’s identity and on top a killer shows up, trying to liquidate all the clones. In the course of the second season a religious group gets more and more involved. On the opposite side we have a strong scientifical front, led by the neolutionists. All the clones spent there lives in foster families as they are orphans. Their past and origin is more than dubious and the more information they gather, the deeper Sarah and the others get into trouble.
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