6 More Amazing TV Show Couples

Hey guys!
It took me a while but finally it is here. The second installment of my most beloved TV show couples! (Click here for Part 1)


#6 Jeannie and Major Nelson (I Dream of Jeannie):
Although this show aired a little before my time, I absolutely adore it. Barbara Eden plays Jeannie, a 2000 year old genie. Major Nelson becomes her new master and the two fall in love. It’s one of those classic sitcoms that you can’t help but fall for. The unlikely couples faces lots of problems but eventually the even get married!


#5 Becky and Jesse (Full House):
I grew up watching Full House and following this couple along their way. Jesse is the coolest guy out there and Becky is a TV journalist. Although they may not the obvious match, they a wonderful relationship and in the later seasons even two cute children. Becky was always one of my favourite TV characters when I was young (and not only because we have the same name 😉 ).

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Top 3 old TV Shows

Do you know those really cute old TV shows that have a certain charm? Well, I always loved watching them, so here are my top 3!


1. Bewitched:
I’m not even sure if this ever aired on Germain/Austrian television. It was once mentioned in some other show and I knew I have to see Bewitched. I even bought the dvd of the movie (not that good) only because it had three episode of Bewitched as bonus material. Totally worth it!
Bewitched is a lovely show about Samantha, a witch, who marries a normal mortal man. She struggles with living without magic – and her mother constantly nagging about her husband. Although I have not seen that many episodes, I can tell that this show is absolutely great. It may depict an image of women as nothing but a housewife that is not correct anymore but Bewitched is still absolutely charming.

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