6 More Amazing TV Show Couples

Hey guys!
It took me a while but finally it is here. The second installment of my most beloved TV show couples! (Click here for Part 1)


#6 Jeannie and Major Nelson (I Dream of Jeannie):
Although this show aired a little before my time, I absolutely adore it. Barbara Eden plays Jeannie, a 2000 year old genie. Major Nelson becomes her new master and the two fall in love. It’s one of those classic sitcoms that you can’t help but fall for. The unlikely couples faces lots of problems but eventually the even get married!


#5 Becky and Jesse (Full House):
I grew up watching Full House and following this couple along their way. Jesse is the coolest guy out there and Becky is a TV journalist. Although they may not the obvious match, they a wonderful relationship and in the later seasons even two cute children. Becky was always one of my favourite TV characters when I was young (and not only because we have the same name 😉 ).

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5 Great TV Shows with terrible Endings

Hey Guys!
Today it’s time for another list, because who doesn’t love a great list? 😉
Many amazing TV shows end absolutely terribly and it enrages me every time. I’m sure you all know the feeling when one of your favourites is absolutely ruined!


This one really made me angry. The show started out thrilling, smart and funny but from season 6 on it went downhill. To be honest every single episode seemed to annoy me but the final season was the worst. Every character suddenly did things very unlikely for them, the plot was weak. They should have stopped after season 5!


How I Met Your Mother:
I know many fans feel me when I say the season finale broke my heart. We spent so many season waiting to finally meet the mother. So when the last season actually covered only a few days, I was already irritated. I had hoped the mother would get some screen-time!
But hey, I thought at least the finale will be dashing. Well, I was wrong. The mother appeared for about 5 minutes and that was it. What happened afterwards was just a cheap way out, unoriginal and way to easy. Another point that annoyed me was the character development. While all of them had come so far within the last years, it all seemed blown away in the end. Everything was just like it was at the beginning. (However, there is an alternative fan ending, that’s way better!) Continue reading

Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters – TV Show Edition

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I’m going to steal a post idea I saw over at FlickChicks. The Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters things has been going around for time now but I completely missed out until I stumbled upon their post!
However, I’m going to change it up a bit as I couldn’t decide on just three characters from all fictional areas. So, there will be a post on TV Shows, Movies and Books!
Let’s kick it off with TV Shows. Allons-y!


Louise Belcher:
She is totally my spirit animal. Never have I identified this much with an animated character. (Although Lisa  Simpsons is close second) First of all I love that all of her stuff has ears. She has a bunny ear hat (sewed one of those!), a teddy bear backpack (need one of those!) and slippers with bunny ears! Apart from her choice in accessories I can identify with her because of her sarcasm!
I already caught myself thinking several times “Hey that’s totally something I’d say!”. On top of that she is a bit of a weird child (totally me) and has character.


Robin Scherbatsky:
Although I didn’t enjoy the last How I Met Your Mother season and especially the finale that much, Robin Scherbatsky has always been a character I could closely identify with. First of all, she’s one of the boys. She’s not one of the girly girls but rather enjoys doing stuff that mean are usually more into. I’ve never been interested in the most typical girl-topics and always got along better with boys than girls. (Although I may not share the exact same interests with Robin…)
Another point I can very much relate with is her career. It’s very important to her and is willing to sacrifice a lot for it.
But what I always enjoyed most about her is that she never was the “Hey, let’s get married and have kids”-type. She stated several times throughout the show that it’s just not a role she sees herself in and I know what that feels like. And I have a crappy relationship with my dad. So hey, I’m Robin all the way!


Jessica Jones:
This may not be the most obvious choice. I may not have any superpowers or be a dope fighter. But she is antisocial and just doesn’t enjoy being around people (except maybe for a few selected ones). Most of the time, the mere existence of some people just seems to annoy her and whenever Jessica Jones gets the chance, she avoids being social.
I am a rather antisocial person myself. I simply enjoy being by myself, may it be staying at home or also running through town doing stuff alone. Believe me when I say there’s only very few people who don’t annoy the shit out of me.
Although I really try to become more of  a social person and be nicer in general towards other people, I’m still a lone wolf at heart.


Which characters would you choose? Let me know in the comments!

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Top 6 TV Dads

Hello fellow TV cracks! A few days ago I posted a list of my most beloved TV moms. Of course I also thought about my favourite dads:


6. Marshall Eriksen (How I met your Mother):
Although he is rather new to parenting, he definitely deserves to be mentioned in this list. Ever since he became a dad in season 7, he’s been wonderful at the job. Marshall is very committed and does everything to give his son a happy live. The kind of dad you can only wish for!

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Top 10 TV Show Intros

Today I bring you my favourite TV intros. This idea comes from a friend of mine who suggested this post. I’m delighted to write it and I hope you like my list 😉


10. How I Met Your Mother:
One of the most famous sitcoms of the last few years is the first show on my list. It’s about Ted who tells his kids how he met their mother (taking 9 seasons to do so). This intro is one of favourites for the photos it shows. Although it’s a TV show you could believe that these scenes are real-life. The song Hey beautiful also goes great with the entire theme.


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