7 Thoughts on American Horror Story Season 5 – A Recap

Another season of American Horror Story – the notorious anthology – is over. The fifth installment “Hotel” spanned over 12 episodes and told the story of Hotel Cortez – a dark and evil place that no-one will ever leave neither alive nor dead.

The Positives:

First of all, I want to mention how absolutely divine Lady Gaga was in this show. At first, I had my doubts about whether she would be able to pull off such a big acting role but Gage really proved that she can do and was awarded a Golden Globe Award for her performance. Continue reading

Favourite New Seasons of 2015

2015 was the year of many amazing shows returning for another season. After my post on the best shows I discovered in 2015, I now want to honor all the stunning seasons I followed this year!


#1 – American Horror Story – Hotel:
So far I loved all AHS seasons (maybe #4 – Freak Show a bit less than the others…) but this one really took my breath away. It is creepy and haunting. The soundtrack is absolutely brilliant and – as always – the actors are superb. Beside a lot of familiar faces returning for this season, we also got someone new playing her first big role. Lady Gaga took one of the leading roles. At first I was very sceptical but she did an amazing job, I was deeply impressed by her performance.

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5 Thoughts on the first two episodes of American Horror Story: Hotel

The new season is finally here and I couldn’t wait to watch the first two episodes. AHS season 5, titled Hotel, centers around the Cortez – a very unusual and gloomy hotel in Los Angeles…



#1 The Atmosphere:
What amazed about this season is how fast an atmosphere is created that sends shivers down your spine. Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy did an amazing job with the set up, the costumes and the actors.
Believe me, it takes less than five minutes to get sucked into a very very creepy story but you’ll end up wanting more. Continue reading

5 Reasons to watch American Horror Story Season 5 “Hotel”

The frist episode of AHS season 5 is finally airing next week. I can’t tell you how excited I am. So, in honor of the 4 seasons we already had the pleasure to watch, I want to give you 5 reasons to check out the new one “Hotel”.


#1 You never know what to expect:
For those of you who don’t know AHS I need to explain that the series is an anthology. So the seasons tell completely different stories that have (almost) nothing to do with each other. So far we had a murder house, an asylum, a coven and a freak show. You can already tell that the last 4 season covered quite a range of topics, each of them with several fascinating plot twists. The new season is titled “Hotel” and I don’t know yet what to prepare for…


#2 The Actors get to unfold their Full Potential:
As I mentioned before, AHS is not telling one story that continues throughout the season, but a new one each year. However, the basic cast of the show stays the same. That means the actors get to play a variety of different roles and aren’t stuck in one corner until the show gets cancelled. For me it’s fascinating to watch the actors turn into a completely different character for each season.


#3 The Guest Actors:
Not only the regular AHS cast is impressive, the guest stars also never fail to impress. So far we had Stevie Nicks, Angela Bassett, Neil Patrick Harris, Wes Bentley and many more. For season 5 it was announced that Lady Gaga would join the cast. I’ve never been a fan of music but I’m excited to see her performance. I can imagine that her “weirdness” blends in perfectly and she will do a great job.


#4 The History Bits:
I always love it when a show manages to incorporate some real historic aspects. (I usually end up on Wikipedia researching what I just saw…) AHS has it’s very own way of doing that. In the first season Murder House for example we got a bit of the Black Dahlia Murder. Two of the characters in season 3 Coven are based on real personalities. I hope that more of that kind is coming in season 5, it impresses me every time!


#5 The Horror:
Ever since I was little I enjoyed good horror stories. In terms of that, AHS is one of the best things I saw in the last few years. Some episodes are pretty gory and guaranteed to give you the creeps. For me season 2 Asylum was so far the creepy-ist one but I have my hopes up for Hotel to be even better!


What do you think about AHS? Will you watch season 5? Let me know in the comments! =)