Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: The Knick (views on the first two episodes)

Steven Soderbergh recently decided to turn to TV-shows instead of cinema. “The Knick” is a show about a hospital in New York City at the beginning of the 20th century. Soderbergh shows medical procedures at a time when doctors could easily be confused with butchers. The leading role is played by Clive Owen.


The Plot:

One of the first things we get is a surgery. A very bloody one with no good end. As it turns out, many scenes like this will follow. Dr. John Thackery becomes Chief Surgeon after one of this procedures. However, his brilliance in the medical field is overshadowed by his drug addiction. Thackery is not only in a constant fight with himself as well as the patients he also has differences with Cornelia Robertson who is the chief of the hospital. Thackery is pressured to hire Algernon Edwards a highly acclaimed doctor with only one problem: he is black. Neither Thackery or his colleagues have any interest in his help or knowledge. On top of that the hospital is confronted with other problems: electricity is about to be installed but due to the manager of the hospital defrauding money the job is done poorly and accidents pile up. Another severe problem Edwards comes across is the fact that black people are not treated at the hospital. He decides to install a makeshift clinic in the basement. Continue reading

Blog Challenge: Something you are proud of

Something I am really proud of happened just a few weeks ago.
I am talking about my final written exams. Today I found out how I did there. It turned out I got two As and one B. Of course this is a thing to be proud of but to me, it means a lot more.

About a week before the exams I got really ill. I was in such a bad condition, I even had to go to hospital. There I tried to study as well as possible (which really wasn’t a lot). When the exams finally took place I had to argue with the doctor so they would let me go to write them. Continue reading