Wrapping it up for October!

Hello, my darling readers!
Another month is over, so let me give you a little summary of the amazing posts just to make sure you didn’t miss anything. 😉

As is tradition for the spooky month of October, I spent it reviewing all things creepy, scary, and spine-tingling!

As per usual we have the Top 5 Tuesday and Thursday Movie Pick posts, some with appropriate spooky themes as well!

And last but not least some of my favorite quotes to brighten your day:

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Halloween Horror: The Omen (2006)

Hello, hello!
Welcome to the final post in my minireview series on the Omen franchise. It also marks the last Halloween Horror post for this year, as tomorrow I’m just going to do a quick wrap-up. Can you believe this month is already over?!

The Plot (as found on Rotten Tomatoes):

A new age of evil threatens to arise when an American diplomat (Liev Schreiber) and his wife (Julia Stiles) learn that the child (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) they adopted may be the son of Satan. Mystical signs point to the Antichrist’s coming battle for dominion over heaven and Earth.

The Rating:

Oh boy, this was so unnecessary. If you make a remake of something I feel like it should improve on the original, offer something new. If you just copy-paste everything, then what is the point? I might as well just watch the original.

My main issue with this particular remake is that they didn’t just copy-paste the idea and the writing, they also copy-pasted the flaws. One big part of the original movie that didn’t really work for me was the special effects. Obviously, that movie is old by today’s standard, so many things will naturally be outdated. I’m sure they did the best with what was available at the time, but now we can do better.

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Halloween Horror: Omen III – The Final Conflict

Hey guys!
Today we’re talking about the third The Omen movie. Just to let you know, I won’t be reviewing the fourth movie since that wasn’t available on Disney+ in my country, but we will be taking a look at the remake. But for now, let’s talk about The Final Conflict!

The Plot (according to Rotten Tomatoes):

In this second sequel to “The Omen,” Antichrist Damien Thorn (Sam Neill) is now a successful 32-year-old businessman ready to fulfill his destiny. As Damien is appointed United States ambassador to Britain, priests led by Father DeCarlo (Rossano Brazzi) try to kill him. While Damien prepares for the return of Jesus Christ, he takes advantage of his relationship with Kate Reynolds (Lisa Harrow) to recruit her son, Peter (Barnaby Holm), as his follower.

The Rating:

I am a little sad to say that this movie fell short of its potential. Sam Neill is great in this, and the plot could have been good too, had it been executed somewhat differently.

My biggest point of irritation is the monks who are trying to eliminate the antichrist. They clearly have been waiting for this for years. It’s not exactly news that the antichrist is out and about. You’d assume that they would have used the time to prepare. You know, maybe train a bit, come up with some well-thought-out strategies. But nope, none of these monks seem to have any skills. Every scene that features one of them appears to be clumsy beyond measure and it’s no surprise that they weren’t successful. It just felt like zero thought was put into this and that annoys me.

Even if we decide to ignore this the movie didn’t do the trick. While Sam Neill does deliver a great performance and so many of the scenes are simply a whole-ass mood, his character doesn’t strike me as very unique. Since he is the antichrist I would have expected some extra badass behavior or to be a lot more ruthless than any other character I have ever seen. For most of the movie, he didn’t strike me as any different than your average CEO or politician. Framed a little differently this could have easily been about some wall street guy and not the antichrist. I mean that is pretty telling in itself and something to think about but I didn’t get the impression that this was a deliberate angle. It seemed more like they didn’t really know what to do with him and creating more horror-inducing situations would have probably called for more budget (special effects, etc.), so this is what we got.

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Halloween/ TMP Television Edition: Horror TV Themes/Scores

Hey, guys!
Welcome to another entry for Thursday Movie Picks.
It’s a series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves, so if you want to join the party, head over to her blog! It’s pretty easy: check out each week’s topic and come up with 3 to 5 movies that fit the theme.
We end the month as we began it but instead of horror movie scores and themes, we look at TV shows!

#1 Twin Peaks

Maybe not 100% horror but Google listed Twin Peaks as such. And I adore the theme song.

#2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I watched all of Buffy for the first time last year and kinda fell in love with the theme song!

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Halloween Horror: Damien – Omen II

Hello, hello!
Today we’re continuing my little review series of the Omen franchise. Let’s have a little chat about the second film, Damien: Omen II!

The Plot (as found on Rotten Tomatoes):

Richard (William Holden) and Ann Thorn (Lee Grant) have taken their 13-year-old nephew, Damien (Jonathan Scott-Taylor), into their Chicago home following the death of Richard’s brother seven years earlier. The Thorns love the child, whom they are sending to military school, but not everyone is so sanguine about his presence. Soon after Great Aunt Marion (Sylvia Sidney) expresses concerns about the boy, she dies suddenly and unexpectedly. And she is certainly not the last.

The Rating:

Overall, this sequel was a bit boring. Especially because the logic behind most of the plot feels rather far-fetched. You see, the premise is that Damian is the antichrist, and he does away with anyone who might be in his way. Sure, there are some characters in this film that he would feel threatened by and thus eliminate. However, a good amount of the people that die, he couldn’t have known about. So, how did he make them die? Or is the movie trying to insinuate that the universe is taking care of that on its own accord? Which, to be honest, makes even less sense especially when we consider what will be the third movie.

We’re already off to a rocky start just with these major plot points. In addition to glaring flaws in the logic, the movie just overall lacked tension. You could tell from a mile off when somebody was going to die. There was no suspension, no element of surprise. Especially because you knew that person *was* going to die, there was no chance of anyone surviving. The ways death hit them mostly weren’t inventive or creative either because you could so very clearly see the situation being set up over several minutes. It makes the movie feel very slow-moving.

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Halloween Horror: The Omen

Hello, hello!
The Omen is a definite horror classic, but also one that I have never seen. Well, that is until now. I finally rectified that gap in my 70s horror flicks bingo, so let’s get down to it!

The Plot (according to Rotten Tomatoes):

American diplomat Robert (Gregory Peck) adopts Damien (Harvey Stephens) when his wife, Katherine (Lee Remick), delivers a stillborn child. After Damien’s first nanny hangs herself, Father Brennan (Patrick Troughton) warns Robert that Damien will kill Katherine’s unborn child. Shortly thereafter, Brennan dies and Katherine miscarries when Damien pushes her off a balcony. As more people around Damien die, Robert investigates Damien’s background and realizes his adopted son may be the Antichrist.

The Rating:

Can you believe that I had never seen this classic horror movie until now?!
Despite the fact that I’m really into horror flicks, somehow I just never had a chance to catch The Omen, but I recently saw that the whole series is on Disney+, so here we are.

Considering how famous the film is, I had a more or less precise idea of what the story would be. I had, however, not even seen a trailer or anything to go with that. Heck, I didn’t even know who stars in this picture. I definitely wasn’t aware that Gregory Peck plays the lead! So, color me surprised.

What can I say about The Omen now that I finally watched it? Despite some aspects that I really enjoyed, overall I didn’t love it. But let’s begin with what I liked! Now that I had a chance to watch this, I can see just how many films draw inspiration from the story. I think my favorite part was literally going “oooohhhh!” every time I came across something that was referenced in another movie or show. You can clearly tell that The Omen was extremely influential for the horror genre.

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