The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black (The Folk of The Fair #3)

Hey guys!
Oh, how excited I was to get my hands on this one. I read it the minute I received my special edition copy from Fairy Loot, it just took me a while to write a review. Anyways, let’s have a little chat, shall we?

The Plot (as found on Goodreads):

Power is much easier to acquire than it is to hold onto. Jude learned this lesson when she released her control over the wicked king, Cardan, in exchange for immeasurable power.

Now as the exiled mortal Queen of Faerie, Jude is powerless and left reeling from Cardan’s betrayal. She bides her time determined to reclaim everything he took from her. Opportunity arrives in the form of her deceptive twin sister, Taryn, whose mortal life is in peril.

Jude must risk venturing back into the treacherous Faerie Court, and confront her lingering feelings for Cardan, if she wishes to save her sister. But Elfhame is not as she left it. War is brewing. As Jude slips deep within enemy lines she becomes ensnared in the conflict’s bloody politics.

And, when a dormant yet powerful curse is unleashed, panic spreads throughout the land, forcing her to choose between her ambition and her humanity…

The Rating:

I loved it. I loved it all the way through.
After devouring the first two books I couldn’t wait to find out how the story would end.

Just read my reviews for The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King and you’ll know exactly how much I enjoyed those novels.

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The Lost Sisters by Holly Black (The Folk of the Air #1.5)

Hello, my beloved readers!
I devoured The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King and can hardly wait for Queen of Nothing to be released. Well, I just found out that Holly Black gave us this little short story, set just after the first book!

The Plot:

In short: this is Taryn’s take on what went down in The Cruel Prince. It’s something between an explanation and an apology written by her.

The Rating:

So, here’s the deal: is this an absolute must-read? No. Does it add much to the story? No. Will those who enjoyed the first book love it? Sure thing.

Even if you don’t end up digging this novella, nothing is lost. It’s really short you won’t even need an entire afternoon to read the thing. If you want to give it a go, you should make sure to read it right after The Cruel Prince. I read it a few months after finishing both full-length novels and I really had to concentrate to keep the timeline straight and not mix stuff up.

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Top 5 Tuesday: Surprising Reads of 2019

Hey, guys!
It’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for a bookish favorites posts. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah Bionic Book Worm and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
Today I’ll share some of the most surprising reads I had this year. So let’s get started!

#1 Watchmen by Alan Moore

I don’t normally read comics or graphic novels. However, I already saw so many movie/TV show adaptations coming from that background, I first gave it a shot this year. I checked out The Umbrella Academy and wasn’t too impressed. The story was sort of weird and didn’t make sense, but I figured maybe the format just isn’t the right thing for me.
When the new Watchmen series started airing I was positively hypnotized by the story so I figured I should pick up the graphic novel to find out some more about where all of it came from. Guess what? I had a great time with the graphic novel and immediately went back to the library to pick up From Hell and the Scott Pilgram books to give those a shot as well. Maybe graphic novels do work for me after all!

#2 Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

2019 is the year I got hooked on book subscription boxes. It’s one of my favorite things at the moment and I already got so many amazing little trinkets and novels this way. Sorcery of Thorns is one of them. I had never heard about the book or the author but when I lifted the book out of the box I was already in love. The story was just as brilliant, so it’s definitely one of my favorite surprise reads this year!

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Book Talk: The Wicked King by Holly Black

Hello, my darling readers!
If you read my review on Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince, you know that I immediately fell in love with the story. Naturally, I had to pick up The Wicked King the very moment I finished The Cruel Prince. So let’s get talking!

The Plot:

After the huge stunt, Jude pulled in The Cruel Prince everybody is trying to settle into their new roles. But that doesn’t mean that things will go the way Jude planned them…

The Rating:

Just like with The Cruel Prince, I basically burned through this book.

Holly Black, how dare you ending The Wicked King with a cliffhanger like that? I can’t wait another year for the final installment! The story is so gripping, I need to know the fate of Jude!

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Book Talk: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Hello, my darling readers!
I finally joined the party and picked up The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. Both this book and the sequel The Wicked King were all over Bookstagram and I fell in love with the cover art. So, let’s see if The Cruel Prince can live up to all the hype!

The Plot:

Jude’s life changed forever when she was only seven years old. Her parents were murdered and she as well as her sisters were whisked away to the Realm of Faeries. Ten years later Jude still struggles to find her place and fit in. Many of the fey despise mortals, among them Prince Cardan, the youngest son of the High King…

The Rating:

To be honest, I bought this book without really knowing what it was about. I fell in love when I saw the cover on Instagram and was completely convinced when I saw some fan art on tumblr.

Well, Holly Black didn’t disappoint me! The story is absolutely brilliant and the characters are super intricate. If you decide to read The Cruel Prince, make sure you pay attention to every little detail, as Black really likes to hide little hints for huge plot twists!

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