Stranger Things Book Tag


Hello Guys!
I haven’t done a Tag-post in ages so when I came across the Stranger Things Book Tag, I got really excited! As you know, I recently finished watching the show and now I don’t know what to do with my life anymore 😛
However, I found this awesome Tag over at Kat’s blog Life and Other Disasters (and also the cool graphics). Since she told everyone to consider themselves tagged, I take the chance – here we go!




A Game of Thrones - CoverFor this question I’ll go with A Game of Thrones, the first book in George R. R. Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire. The book is a masterpiece but there are so many characters and plot strings, you will most definitely end up confused.
To be honest, it took me the entire first two books to completely figure out who’s who and what’s going on.
However, I was hooked from page one and can’t wait for Martin to finally finish the next part! Continue reading

Book Review: The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials #3)

Hey Folks!

I finally found the time to finish the last installment of Philip Pullman’s famous His Dark Materials series. Did I love it? Hate it? Well, let’s find out!


The Plot:
Lyra has been taken by Mrs Coulter. Of course her dear friend Will sets out on a journey through out the worlds. Only together they will be able to help Lord Asriel in his fight against the Authority, also known as God. But on their way they will encounter many dangerous tasks, they even travel through the land of the dead… Continue reading

Book Review: The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials #2)

Hello, hello!

Due to a rather stressful time at University it took me some time to catch up with my current to-read-list.
I already wrote on the first installment of Philip Pullman’s famous His Dark Materials trilogy. Finally I found the time to share my thoughts on part 2, The Subtle Knife.
So here we go!


The Plot:
Surprisingly, this one doesn’t start off with Lyra, or any other character we already know. The story begins with Will who finds his way to a different world where he encounters Lyra. They try to help each other but their adventure gets more dangerous with every page you read.
Will comes into possession of the subtle knife, a very powerful tool, that can cut windows between worlds.
While the kids struggle on their own, Lord Asriel is preparing for war… Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Northern Lights/The Golden Compass

Hey guys!

I just got started with another famous book series: His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Not too long ago I also read his Sally Lockhart Quartet and absolutely loved it, so I’m thrilled to finally check out Northern Lights (also known as The Golden Compass), the first installment. Well, in 2007 this novel was turned into a movie, that means twice the fun for me!


The Plot:
Lyra’s life is about to change drastically. While so far the girl got to spent her time playing, it gets serious when her friend Roger disappears. It soon turns out that something big is going on her and Lyra is determined to find out about it and save her friend. Continue reading