Movie Mania: The Great Gatsby (Blogathon-Entry for Head in a Vice)

The post I’m writing today is for a Blogathon initiated by Head in a Vice. It’s all about watching a movie because of a review you read.
Recently I came across a very positive review of the new Great Gatsby movie. I wasn’t too fond of the book when I read it about a year ago (you can check out the review for that right here). But sometimes bad books can be turned into good movies. With all the praise of the critics and the more than excited review I read I decided to give the film a chance.

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Why do you blog? – a question asked by headinavice

I recently came across a post here on wordpress in which the blogger tells us why he started to blog in the first place. It’s in interesting question that reveals more about the person behind the computer screen, so here we go:

I always loved writing. When I was younger I used to write a lot, and by that I blogreally mean A LOT. But during my last years of school, my creative side seemed to die a little. The school I attended was about economy and accounting. As you can tell these subjects have absolutely nothing to do with creativity and for the last years everything was about efficiency and doing only what brings benefits. Thus I began neglecting my hobbies like drawing and writing more and more. Continue reading