Riverdale: Season 3 – A Review

My darling readers!
I can’t help but keep on watching this train wreck called Riverdale. I thought season 2 took the cake in terms of weirdness but the writers seemingly wanted to top that with season 3. So, let’s get down to it!

The Plot:

While the rest of Betty’s family (that isn’t in jail for being a serial killer) is emerging themselves in a weird cult called “the farm”, Archie is facing trial for a crime he didn’t commit.
In the meantime, Riverdale has to deal with a bigger problem: the mysterious Gargoyle king. Supposedly a figure from the game Griffin’s and Gargoyle’s he has become all too real…

The Rating:

Oh boy, where do I even start?
There’s a shitton of stuff going on in this season and absolutely nothing of it makes any sense.

Before I properly start the review, let me give you a little recommendation. Do yourselves a favor and check out the cast interviews on Youtube. Nobody hates Riverdale more than them (especially Lili Reinhart) and it’s hilarious to watch.

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