My Top 5 Halloween Episodes

It’s Halloween!!! What a great occasion to honor all the amazing TV show specials for Halloween we got to watch throughout the years. Here are my 5 most beloved episodes:


My so-called Life – Halloween (S1E9):
MSCL is one of the best TV shows about teenagers ever. Although it only lasted for one season they managed to capture the very feeling of being young. One of my favourite episodes is “Halloween”. Our protagonists decide to break into school as there is some Halloween myth about a guy who died. What I love about this one is that is seems pretty realistic yet somehow special. The breaking in, what happens after, etc. it’s not like other shows when the story goes completely nuts. “Halloween” is a charming little episode you’ll love! Continue reading

My Top 10 Episodes of Bob’s Burgers (season 1-3) Part Two

5. Full Bars
This is a Halloween episode. While the kids go off to gather sweets, Bob and Linda are invited to Terry’s party (which ends abruptly when his guinea pig is killed accidentally). Meanwhile Tina, Gene and Linda take a ferry to were the rich people live (better candy!) They have to face a tough tradition: the older kids badger the younger ones after dark each Halloween. This calls for revenge!
The kids’ Halloween costumes are the best! And the guinea pig. Let’s not forget about the guinea pig. This episode has so much to offer. You’ll love it!

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