Movie Mania: The Last Witch Hunter

Hello folks!
Today is movie review time. This time I want to ramble a bit of the Vin Diesel flick The Last Witch Hunter. So let’s get started!


The Plot:
This dark fantasy action film chronicles the endeavors of an immortal with hunter, Kaulder, who has to stop a plague from wiping out New York City…


The Rating:
Oh boy, where do I begin. There are so many things wrong with this movie…
First of all, the cast choices. I don’t know who decided that Vin Diesel would be perfect for this role, but it was just about the worst decision ever. For this lead role you might want to choose somebody with a bit of charm and fun. Diesel’s somber look and complete lack of emotions certainly don’t improve this film. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Stardust

Hey guys!

Today’s book vs. movie is about something truly magical. I’ve already seen the film Stardust several times (not only because I adore Claire Danes) but so far never had the time to check out the novel by Neil Gaiman. Recently I was roaming the book shelves of my favourite library and stumbled upon a copy!



The Plot:
Tristan lives in a boring little village which lies next to something not so ordinary.
When Tristan and his beloved Victoria watch a star fall, he makes the foolish promise to find the star and bring it back to her. So he travels beyond the wall, and discovers Yvaine, a beautiful young woman, who turns out to be the star!
Soon it turns out Tristan wasn’t the only one looking for and for the stone that knocked her out of the sky… Continue reading