American Horror Story: Season 7 (Cult) – A Review

Hey Guys!
I neglected to give my two cents on the last season of American Horror Story which was titled Cult. It took me a while to get my thoughts in order on that one, so let’s see about it before season 8 starts this fall!


The Plot:
Ally is very distraught by the results of the 2016 presidential election which was won by Donald Trump. Several of her long-standing phobias seem to be taking over and Ally fears she’s losing her mind. But is it really her imagination? Or is somebody targeting her?


The Rating:
This season was weird. I mean, all AHS seasons are weird, but with this one it took me some time to get pulled in.
Not everything about this season made sense. But apart from that, my problem was that things were pictured to be very black and white. It started out very promising but seemed to be going in many different directions, some of them featuring plot holes and not coming together all that well.  Continue reading