Movie Mania: Bubba Ho-Tep

Hey guys!
I don’t know why but I neglected writing this review for ages. Shame on me! So, today I have the honor to present to you one of Bruce Campbell finest movies!


The Plot:
An elderly man living in a retirement home claims to be Elvis, the guy who died in 1977 was in an impersonator. His only friend is Jack, an elderly man black man who thinks he is JFK. Anyway, the real action starts when the two have to team up in order to fight a re-animated ancient mummy… Continue reading

Movie Mania: Wild at Heart

The movie I’m gonna ramble about today is “Wild at Heart”, directed by David Lynch.

The leading roles in this film which was released in 1990 are played by Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern.
The embody the star-crossed lovers Sailor and Lula in this crime thriller that is based on the book “Wild at Heart” by Barry Gifford.

wild at heart

wild at heart

The Story:

Sailor and Lula are a young couple and they are head over heels in love. But Lula’s mother doesn’t approve of this. Therefore she hires a guy to kill Sailor. During the fight it is Sailor who fells his opponent. He goes to jail for manslaughter. His love Lula waits for him and the day he is discharged from prison she picks him up and they elope. Of course her mother is furious. She sends the killer Marcellus Santos to track them and kill Sailor. Continue reading