Thursday Movie Picks: The Dark/Night (Halloween Edition)

Hey Guys!
I know, I’m a bit late to join the party and it’s not even Thursday. But I just stumbled upon this really cool blogging project by Wandering through the Shelves. You check out the topic for the week, and pick a bunch of movies that go along with it!


The Others:
It’s the first film I thought of when I read the theme. This horror flick stars Nicole Kidman and is full of surprises. It’s a cleverly crafted psycho-movie that is definitely worth checking out!

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Top 6 Favourite Movie Couples

Today my list topic strays from the usual TV sector and goes right down to movies. Here are my favourite TV couples! I hope you enjoy it, let me know in the comments below which pairing you would have picked! 🙂


6. George and Mary Bailey (It’s a wonderful Life):
Has there ever been a cuter couple? Whenever George struggles, Mary is there to support him. They are a perfect match and stick together throughout every kind of problems.

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My DVD Rack from A to Z (Part 1)

I recently wrote a few posts titled “Me from A to Z” which I really enjoyed. Since this blog started out as movie themed I decided to do an A to Z of my DVDs. I hope you enjoy it, here’s part 1 =)


A – Across the Universe:across the universe

For this movie a bunch of famous Beatles’ songs were taken. They created a story around them and here we have the movie. It’s about a young guy named Jude who comes to the USA to find his father. He falls in love with Lucy but their luck is overshadowed by war and protests.
Although the story has its lengths it was done very nicely. What I like most about the film is the soundtrack. Covering a Beatles song is difficult to do but the entire cast did a great job and the music is simply splendid!


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Movie-Mania: Donnie Darko

Hello world 🙂

donnie darko

donnie darko

Today I’m gonna do a movie review for you.
Donnie Darko is a very cool movie directed by Richard Kelly, the main character Donnie Darko is played by

Jake Gyllenhaal.

Donnie is a quite smart kid but he has mental problems. One day a jet engine crashes right into his bedroom. Fortunately he wasn’t there by the time the engine hit. Donnie was before drawn from his room by Frank, a humanoid rabbit, who told him the world would end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. Continue reading