TMP Television Edition: Space / Aliens

Hey, guys!
Welcome to another entry for Thursday Movie Picks.
It’s a series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves, so if you want to join the party, head over to her blog! It’s pretty easy: check out each week’s topic and come up with 3 to 5 movies that fit the theme.
I really love today’s TV topic, so let’s get down to it.

#1 Doctor Who

A show that has been on air almost constantly since the 60s. Doctor Who is funny, heartbreaking and simply cool. Although I am still catching up with the original episodes (only 662 more episodes to go) I watched the rebooted series several times.

#2 Star Trek

A couple of years ago a small German TV channel did a re-run of the original Star Trek series. I loved everything about it and recently noticed that it’s also on Netflix!

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TMP Television Edition: Revivals and Reboots

Hey, guys!
Welcome to another entry for Thursday Movie Picks.
It’s a series hosted by Wandering through the Shelves, so if you want to join the party, head over to her blog! It’s pretty easy: check out each week’s topic and come up with 3 to 5 movies that fit the theme.
This week, it’s a TV special featuring revivals and reboots!

#1 Ducktales

I only just found out that Ducktales is airing again. (Thank you tumblr for the info!)
It was one of my favorites as a kid, so I’m hyped that they gave it a re-vamp.

#2 Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks was one of the defining TV shows of the 90s. I was more than a little excited when a new season was announced in 2017.
I will have to re-watch it, though, to untangle all the weird stuff going on there.

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TV Show Spotlight: Torchwood

Hey Guys!
Today I have something for everyone who enjoys Doctor Who and similar shows. Torchwood is one of many spin-offs and it features the amazing John Barrowman!


What is it about?
The Torchwood Institute is in charge of dealing with extraterrestrial stuff happening on earth, or more precisely in Cardiff. Head of this team is Captain Jack Harkness, whom you might know from Doctor Who. While saving the world from crazy aliens, Torchwood also has to deal with some crazy humans, especially in the later seasons…


Why should you check it out?
I have to admit, I’m pretty late joining the Torchwood fans as the show had been cancelled in 2011. However, despite being in the shadow of Doctor Who, this show really is a hidden gem. First of all, I’d like to praise the amazing cast. As mentioned we have John Barrowman in one of the leading roles, but also talents like Eve Myles (you might know here from season 2 of Broadchurch) and guests from Doctor Who (Freemy Agyman aka Martha Jones). Continue reading

Twice Upon a Time (Doctor Who Christmas Special)

Hey Guys!
I know I’m running a little bit late with this review. You may not be feeling the Christmas spirit any more, but this special was so wonderful, it really deserve its own review!


The Plot:
First of all, we have to go back a couple of years. We get to meet the very first Doctor! He is about to regenerate for the very first time and is not happy about it. Wandering through the South Pole, he makes a rather interesting encounter: the twelfth Doctor, who is also close to regeneration. But before the two guys can deepen their acquaintance, they are joined by a World War I captain and abducted into an enormous spaceship…


The Rating:
Sounds weird so far? Doctor Who episodes always do, so let me shed some light on this one.
First of all, I need to point out how utterly adorable David Bradley is as the first Doctor. He had already done an amazing job as William Hartnell (the actor who originally played the first Doctor) in the docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time, so I was happy to see him return.  Continue reading

3 Thoughts on Doctor Who Season 10

Hey Guys!
The new Doctor Who Christmas Special is approaching (featuring a brand new Doctor!) so I figured it’s time to look back on season 10 and Peter Capaldi’s time as Doctor!


#1 – Nardole:
Companions come and go, but Nardole is most certainly one of my favourites. For a tiny second I had my doubts that Matt Lucas would be able to pull it off, but believe me, he does! He’s so quirky, funny and simply special that I hope we will be seeing more of him in the future!


#2 – Bill:
As we are speaking of companions…
Bill, portrayed by Pearl Mackie, saved the whole Peter Capaldi era for me. To be honest, the first two seasons didn’t really impress me, some episodes almost annoyed me. However, I realized that it’s not Peter Capaldi’s version of the Doctor but Jenna Coleman as companion. I simply didn’t like her character, but as soon as Bill came into the picture I was back on board as well. Season 10 was an emotional rollercoaster, especially the final episode, that just ripped my heart out and tore it to shreds! Continue reading

Top 5 TV Show Couples

Hey Guys!
It’s time for another list! Today I want to talk about my all-time favourite couples in TV shows. There are tons to choose from, it definitely wasn’t easy picking just 5!
So halfway through writing this post, I decided that there just has to be a part 2. To be continued 😉


#5 Cosima and Delphine (Orphan Black):
First of all it still is kind of ground breaking to have an openly lesbian couple in a TV show. I just loved how nobody shrugged a shoulder about it! Another point about this relationship that I find inspiring is how the two match perfectly also in science. They are super smart and together than can basically do anything!

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