5 Great TV Shows with terrible Endings

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Today it’s time for another list, because who doesn’t love a great list? 😉
Many amazing TV shows end absolutely terribly and it enrages me every time. I’m sure you all know the feeling when one of your favourites is absolutely ruined!


This one really made me angry. The show started out thrilling, smart and funny but from season 6 on it went downhill. To be honest every single episode seemed to annoy me but the final season was the worst. Every character suddenly did things very unlikely for them, the plot was weak. They should have stopped after season 5!


How I Met Your Mother:
I know many fans feel me when I say the season finale broke my heart. We spent so many season waiting to finally meet the mother. So when the last season actually covered only a few days, I was already irritated. I had hoped the mother would get some screen-time!
But hey, I thought at least the finale will be dashing. Well, I was wrong. The mother appeared for about 5 minutes and that was it. What happened afterwards was just a cheap way out, unoriginal and way to easy. Another point that annoyed me was the character development. While all of them had come so far within the last years, it all seemed blown away in the end. Everything was just like it was at the beginning. (However, there is an alternative fan ending, that’s way better!) Continue reading

Book Review: Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (Dexter #2)

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After being very fond of the TV show Dexter (and ending up disappointed by the last couple of seasons), I of course had to check out Jeff Lindsay’s books it was based on! Well, the first installment didn’t impress me too much, but I decided to give it another shot.
Here are my thoughts on Dearly Devoted Dexter!


The Plot:
Doakes is staying close to Dexter, wanting to catch him when he makes a wrong move. But this lovely relationship gets interrupted when somebody is found. This person had been tortured and on the brink of death, yet still alive. As it turns out, this is part of a bigger thing. More exactly, some old friend of Doakes is trying to get his revenge… Continue reading

Book vs. TV Show: Dexter

Hey Guys!
After I watched all season of the famous TV show Dexter last year, I finally found time to get started on Jeff Lindsay’s first novel. Will the bestseller book be just as good as the show?


The Plot:
Dexter. Charming, smart, professional, but a little different. What is it about this guy that seems a little off? Well, Dexter is a serial killer. But not just a regular one. He’s kind of a Dark Avenger, only going for the bad guys. But when a new serial killer shows up in Miami, Dexter begins to question everything… Continue reading

The FRIENDS Tag: TV-Shows

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During the last few days I spent my time thinking about something new I could come up with. Well, I’ve seen many amazing book tags floating around and often ended up thinking “hey, I would be so much fun to do this with movies or TV shows!”.
So, what I plan to today is a series of adapted tags! Beside my regular posts you will see some book, movie and TV shows tags on my blog. I’d love my readers to pick up those tag and answer the questions themselves!
The first one I’m about to adapt is the Friends tag. Ironically I’ve never seen the show!
So here we go =)

The One where Eddie Won’t Go – a character I wish would just go away: 
This answer might surprise you. The one character that really annoyed me is Aleksandr Petrovsky from Sex and the City. I’ve never been that fond of the show altogether but stumbled upon the finally a few weeks ago on TV. I watched the last three episodes and kept thinking, why on earth is Carrie doing that. That guy is just self-centered, ignorant and arrogant from head to toe, and doesn’t give a damn about her. Aleksandr, please just fuck off.
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4 Amazing TV Shows I discovered in 2015

For me 2015 was the year of great TV shows. There were many amazing new seasons to beloved shows (I’ll write a post on that in a few days!) but also some older stuff I finally got around checking out. Some of you probably already watched them years ago but to me there were brand new.
Here are my 4 favourite shows I discovered in 2015!


#4 – Dexter:
A fellow blogger gave me the idea to check out Dexter after I read a great post from her. I fell in love with the show and binge-watched all 8 seasons. After a lot of excitement for the first 5 seasons the last three disappointed me. But at least up to #5 Dexter is one of my favourite shows – not only of 2015 but all time!

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Dexter – 8 Thoughts for 8 Seasons

I just finished watching the entire 8 seasons of Dexter. While I was extremely excited when I started watching, I ended with mixed feelings. Read on to find out why!


Season #1:
I love this one. It’s something fresh, something different. Although very dark there is still a sense of goodness and what I liked best: a whole lot of dark humor.


Season #2:
That great thing about this season is that it keeps you excited until the end. You just started to sympathise with Dexter and now you  have to wonder will our anti-hero be uncovered? Will he end up in jail? Will he get away? Is that good or bad? Continue reading