TV Show Spotlight: A Young Doctor’s Notebook

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I want to talk about a mini-series you’ve probably never heard about until now. To be honest, I hadn’t known about it as well. The show came to me by surprise, so let’s see if it is any good!


What is it about?
Daniel Radcliff plays the eponymous young doctor who just finished medical school and is sent to the middle of nowhere to run a tiny hospital.  The show chronicles his first years there and most importantly shows the doctor (now several years older and struggling) looking back on his life.


Why should you check it out?
Let me tell you straight away: the show is a little weird. It has a rather dark and gloomy look and often deals with rather serious topics. However, I hadn’t expected to find so much humor in this show. But for some reason it works out just fine! Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I finally reached the end. After the book was devoured I binge-watched the two films it was turned into. Read on to find out what I think about Harry’s final adventure!


The Plot:
This is it. Harry, Ron and Hermine are almost at the end of their journey. They try to fulfill Dumbledore’s last mission: find and destroy the Horcruxes in order to defeat the dark Lord. Well, easier said than done…


Book vs. Movie:
As I mentioned before, I devoured the book. It’s so thrilling and capturing, you just can’t put it down. The characters are more relatable than ever, you wish you could crawl into the book and help them. I love how intricate and cleverly woven the story is. Just when you think it’s over, J. K. Rowling comes around the corner with something new. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Horns

I’ve been excited to hear that a book I really like would become a movie. On October 31st the time had finally come. The movie is here 😀



The Plot:

Ig Perrish is in some trouble. His beloved girlfriend was murdered and the whole world thinks he did it. Already bad enough? Well, it gets worse: one day he wakes up to find horns growing on his head. Ig discovers that these two things give him some whole new options… Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Woman in Black

We all survived Halloween and in the spirit of this I want to write about another horror movie/Thriller. I had seen the trailer for this one a while back in the cinema and already was interested in watching the film. However, I completely forgot about it until it was on TV about a week ago.



The Plot:

The story is set in the Edwardian era. Daniel Radcliff plays a lawyer who gets the order to take care of a house that is to be sold. He travels there in order to go through the paper work. Arriving at the lonely house he begins to see and hear things, most of all a woman dressed in black. As it turns out the woman is not a very friendly character… Continue reading