Book Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Hey Guys!
It’s book review time! The novel I want to discuss today is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. To be honest, I only checked the book because the trailer for the movie adaptation looked interesting, so let’s see whether it’s any good.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins - Cover from Goodreads

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins – Cover from Goodreads


The Plot:
Rachel is at a rather bad point in her life. Divorced, unemployed, an alcoholic. To pass the time (and to fool her roommate and maker her think that she still has a job) she takes the same train every day, commuting into town. Rachel watched the houses and their owners while passing and spins stories about them. Sounds fairly innocent – until the woman she observes every day suddenly goes missing…


The Rating:
Well, how do I get started with this one.
For me, there are several problems with this book. First of all, there was not a single likeable character in this novel. Rachel was mostly annoying and all of the others are simply not interesting and shallow. Especially the other women featured are either crazy, boring or bitches. Usually you read a book and are fascinated by at least some of the characters and you want to know more about them. In this case, you don’t. Believe me.  Continue reading


3 Thoughts on Broadchurch Season 3

Hey guys!
This year one of my favourite British TV shows returned with another season: Broadchurch! After two years David Tennant and Olivia Colman are back.


Thought #1 – The Cast:
I’ve said this before (basically ever single time I talk about Broadchurch), but I’d like to point out once more how talented all these actors are. David Tennant is perfect as grumpy Detective (and I love his accent), Olivia Colman is just so relatable and her performance is always bound to get me. But also other cast members from past seasons like Jodie Whittaker get a chance to prove their talent. Furthermore, we get some new actors that blend in perfectly! Continue reading

TV Show Review: Broadchurch Season 2

Hey guys!
I talked about one of the best British TV shows, Broadchurch before. After two years, we finally got a new season in 2017. But before I checked that one out, I had to catch up with season two!


The Plot:
This season picks up right after season 1. Danny Latimer’s murderer has to face trial. Of course that has a major impact not only on Danny’s family but on the entire town. Meanwhile DI Hardy has to deal with a witness from another investigation. More questions arise than are answered…


The Rating:
Those of you who watched season one know that Broadchurch captures you with an intensity no other show can come up with. If that is even possible, the second season stepped up the game. I hadn’t expect the trial to be the main focus through the entire season, but believe me, it works out more than perfectly. Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: The Lava Field

Hey guys!
Today I have something very unusual. In 2014 an impressive mini-TV-series was produced in Iceland. Well, I can’t let you miss out on this gem!

(Unfortunately I could only find a German trailer, but you get the picture)


What is it about?
Detective Helgi Marvin Runarsson is called to a crime scene. What at first appears to be a suicide soon raises many questions. Far more people have a connection to this murder than anyone would have believed. The investigations become dangerous not only to Runarsson, but also to his family…


Why should you check it out?
I stumbled upon this one completely by surprise but I have to admit those guys up North really know how to make a good thriller. The plot is gripping, fascinating and really pulls you in. We dive into the unknown depths of the Icelandic underground and are left with a crime story that goes under your skin. Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Place Beyond the Pines

Hey Guys!
It’s time to cross another film off my watch-list that had been waiting there forever. The Place Beyond the Pines is a star-filled crime drama that seemed to be highly promising. Let’s find out if it really is!


The Plot:
Motorcycle Stuntman Luke finds out that an ex-lover he hadn’t seen in some time now has a baby. His baby.
In order to provide for his child Luke tries to make an effort, but it’s hard to get by in the middle of nowhere. When he has no other options left, he starts robbing banks… Continue reading

4 Thoughts on Whitechapel Season 1

Hey guys!

I recently checked out a TV Show named Whitechapel. First of all, let me say I completely confused this one with Ripper Street and was actually a bit startled when I watched the first episode. However, soon before long this story about a guy recreating Jack the Ripper’s famous kills had me hooked!


Thought #1:
There’s plenty of stuff out there about Jack the Ripper and I think it’s rather unique that they really tried to give the whole thing a new flair. Although you currently get relations to the historical murders, the show is still very surprising. Continue reading