Movie Mania: The Place Beyond the Pines

Hey Guys!
It’s time to cross another film off my watch-list that had been waiting there forever. The Place Beyond the Pines is a star-filled crime drama that seemed to be highly promising. Let’s find out if it really is!


The Plot:
Motorcycle Stuntman Luke finds out that an ex-lover he hadn’t seen in some time now has a baby. His baby.
In order to provide for his child Luke tries to make an effort, but it’s hard to get by in the middle of nowhere. When he has no other options left, he starts robbing banks… Continue reading

4 Thoughts on Whitechapel Season 1

Hey guys!

I recently checked out a TV Show named Whitechapel. First of all, let me say I completely confused this one with Ripper Street and was actually a bit startled when I watched the first episode. However, soon before long this story about a guy recreating Jack the Ripper’s famous kills had me hooked!


Thought #1:
There’s plenty of stuff out there about Jack the Ripper and I think it’s rather unique that they really tried to give the whole thing a new flair. Although you currently get relations to the historical murders, the show is still very surprising. Continue reading

3 Reasons for watching Broadchurch

When Broadchurch was aired on German television a few weeks ago, I was reminded how much it impressed me!
This award-winning crime drama features some of Great Britain’s finest actors.


Reason #1 – The Atmosphere:
When it comes to creating suspense and simply a thrilling atmosphere, Broadchurch is one of the best shows I came across in a long time. The music blends in perfectly with the stunning landscape. From close-up to slow-motion, whatever technique they used, it as a perfect fit. Continue reading

3 Reasons for Watching Dexter

Dexter has been on my to-watch-list since forever. Recently I finally got to it and after two weeks I’m done with the first five season. Here’s what I think about it:


Reason #1:
The crime stuff is highly fascinating. There may be a lot of TV shows featuring the police solving crimes but this one definitely stands out. The stories are woven very cleverly and it takes you a while to figure things out. Furthermore, the police work seems really credible. I don’t much about a job in a police station but I could believe that it is the way it’s depicted in the show. Continue reading

Time to talk about Books: Cold Hands by John Niven

Cold Hands is John Niven’s first attempt on writing a crime story/thriller. It was absolutely not what I expected. If you want to know whether that’s good or bad, read on ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Plot:

The Miller’s a having a great life. somewhere in Canada they own a lovely house, the parents have good jobs and the son is well-behaved. They couldn’t be happier, but when the family dog is found dead it’s just the beginning of the past trying to catch up.


The Rating:

This is the fourth John Niven book I read. When I bought it I didn’t even check what it is about. Continue reading

Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: Orange is the New Black

I’ve heard nothing but praise for this Netflix show. So I thought it’s time to check it out. By now I’m halfway into the second season =)



The Plot:

The story follows Piper Chapman, a successful woman who has to go to jail. Years ago she once carried a suitcase full of drug money for her then girlfriend Alex who was big in the drug business. We get to know her life in prison and also how her friends and family continue life without her.


The Rating: Continue reading